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"A.A. Pesce Co., Inc"
Offers Scientific Laboratory Glass Apparatus Such As Er A Full Range Of Scientific Glassware, In Pyrex & Quartz, At Great Prices

"Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass"

Custom And Production Laboratory Glassblowing For Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Labs, Environmental Analysis, Chemistry Labs

"Add Technologies"

We Develop Innovative And State-Of-The-Art Dosage Forms For Drugs At The Highest Professional Level, Meeting The Requirements Of Our Customers And Satisfying The Needs Of Patients


The Powerlab System Is An Integrated System Of Hardware And Software Designed To Record, Display, And Analyse Experimental Data.Including Blood Pressure, Force, Respiratory And Temperature Taking Equipment.

"Allen Scientific Glass, Inc."

Glassblowing And Laboratory Glassware For Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, And University Customers, Environmental Labs And Government Agencies

"American Sensorx, Inc"

The Inspectrx¨ System Inspects The Quality Of The Capsule Gel -- Shape, Color, Print, Smears. It Can Symultaniously Inspect For Dark Color Capsules (Black Or Brown) And Light Color Capsules

"Big Science Inc"

Offering A Mettler-Toledo (Mettler) Style Titration Beaker (100 Ml) For Dl-Series Autotitrators Made Of Pure Pfa Teflon And Also Disposable Dl-Series (100 Ml) Polypropylene Beakers At Discount Prices And Also Offers Other Unique Laboratory Supplies

"Bioanalytical Systems, Inc."

a leading manufacturer of specialized instrumentation and accessories for liquid chromatography, in vivo sampling (microdialysis and ultrafiltration), and electrochemistry

"Brandtech Scientific, Inc."

Liquid Handling Products. Bottletop Dispenser, Pipettes And The Digital Buret Are Some Of Our Better Known Products.

"BŸChi Labortechnik Ag"

Supplier Of Laboratory Apparatus And Instruments For The Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food. And Feed Industry.

"C I Electronics Ltd"

Ci Is An International Supplier Of Precision Instruments And Systems For Use In Quality Assurance And Research Applications

"Caswell Machine Works Inc"

Specializing In Crimping Collets And Custom Made Crimping And De-Crimping Equipment For The Cosmetic And Pharmaceutical Industries,

"Chemglass Inc."

Chemglass Manufactures A Complete Line Of Scientific Glassware For The Pharmaceutical, Chemical Industries

"Decon Labs, Inc"

Supply Of High-Performance Cleaning Agents, Disinfectants, And Professional Skincare Specialties, Sterile Disinfectants Used In Cleanrooms. These Products Are Used In Laboratories, Cleanrooms, And Process Areas In Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology , Etc

"Diasys Corporation"

Design, Manufacture, And Distribute Practical Laboratory Instruments Which Improve Worksite Safety, Accuracy And Cost Efficiency

"Em Industries, Inc"

Products Comprise Over 20,000 Different Items, Ranging From Pharmaceutical Products, Vitamins, And Biomaterials To Reagents, Laboratory Supplies, Electronic Chemicals, Liquid Crystals, Special Effects Pigments, Cosmetic Additives, And Many More

"Emerald Glass Co"

Emerald Glass Manufactures High Quality Laboratory Glassware For Research & Science, From Catalogue Items To Custom Specialty Apparatus.

"Envirco Corporation"

Manufacture A Complete Line Of Clean Air Systems For The Microelectronics, Medical Device, Semiconductor Disk Drive, Laboratory And Pharmaceutical Markets, As Well As Many Others Requiring Ultra-Clean Environments For Critical Technologies

"Glassco Laboratory Equipments"

Offers Measuring/Volume Flaskes, Beakers, Flasks, Seperating/Dropping Funnels, Water Distillation, Extraction Apparatus, Burettes, Pipette

"Hartech Indonesia"

Quality Products & Technical Support For Biological Research Applications In Laboratories, Hospital And In Pharmaceutical, Electronics

"Indigo Instruments"

Offers Glass Beakers, Boling Flasks, Burets, Erlenmeyer Flasks, Filter Flasks, Funnels, Volumetric Flasks, Pipets And Lots More

"Kevin Engineering Pvt., Ltd."

Manufacturer From India Specializing In Pharma Machinery, Pneumatic Conveying Systems And Automation Solutions. Kevin Offers A Variety Of Pharmaceutical Tablet Coating Systems,Suitableforusein Awiderangeof Pharmaceutical &Food Product Coating Applic

"Kishore Industrial Estate,"

Produces The Highest Quality Of Glass Containers Suitable For Preserving Life Saving Drugs, A Small Nozzle Type Plastic Tube Used As A Disposable Tip Of A Calibrated Pipette

"Maple Precision"

Product Range Include Dental Laboratory Equipment And Supplies Surgical And Dental Instruments Jewelers And Watchmakers Tools Scientific Laboratory Equipment & Supplies Custom Manufacturing

"Medi-Tech International Inc"

Manufactures Export Representative Serving The Pharmaceutical And Laboratory Industries. Offers Scrubs Sinks, Pharmacy Equipment For Hospitals, Autopsy Tables, Nourishment And Medicine Stations

"Miravant Medical Technologies"

development of pharmaceutical and medical device products for use in photodynamic therapy, a minimally invasive technology that uses photoreactive drugs to treat or diagnose disease.

"Molecular Devices"

Providing Innovative Solutions to Accelerate the Leading Edge of Life Science

"Newcomer Supply"

Offers Easier Application Of The Adhesive For Mesh Grids In Electron Microscopy.Flexible Plastic Grips That Hold Glass Slides With Ease, Slide Drawing Tray

"Orgenics Ltd."

Develops, manufactures and markets sophisticated, yet user-friendly, self-contained In-Vitro diagnostic kits.

"Pelco International"

Manufacturer And Provider Of Electron Microscopy, Light Microscopy And Atomic Force Microscopy Supplies And Instruments, Plus A Wide Range Of Laboratory Equipment, Chemicals And Tools For Everything From Specimen Preparation To Imaging

"Permegear, Inc."

Sells Laboratory Equipment For Studying Membrane Transport And Drug Diffusion Through Biological And Synthetic Membranes. Applications Include Experimentation In The Areas Of Drug Discovery, Drug Transport, Drug Screening And Lots More

"Pharma-Insight Inc"

Pharma-Insight Designs, Manufactures And Distributes Custom Medical Tools, Diagnostic Aids And Other Useful Imprinted Items Designed To Be Used By Healthcare Professionals For The Pharmaceutical Industry.

"Princeton Biomeditech Corporation"

Develops, Manufactures And Distributes Rapid Diagnostic Tests. Products:Fertility Tests:Biosign Hcg - One Step Pregnancy Test, Lifesign Plus - One Step Home Pregnancy Test, One-Step Test Procedure For Card Tests

"Sayfer Botanicals"

Sells Herbal Remedies And Makes Percolation Process Equipment For Herbal Pharmaceutical Laboratories And Aromatic Oil Processors.

"Spike International Ltd"

Specialty Products For Laboratory And Small-Scale Production Applications In The Pharmaceutical And Biotechnology Industries Since 1982.

"Structure Probe, Inc."

The Source For Microscope Laboratory Supplies And Equipment

"Vee Gee Scientific, Inc."

Bomex & Bellwether Brand Glassware Are Made From Sturdy Borosilicate Glass With A Low Coefficient Of Expansion And Are Highlighted By White, Permanent Graduations And A Large Marking Square On The Bomex Components

"Veltek Associates, Inc."

Leaders In Sterile Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Microbial Air Samplers And Disposable Garments For The Pharmaceutical Industry. Dpmd Or Vais Disposable Products Manufacturing Division Has Addressed The Needs Of The Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology Industri

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