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American Association Of Indian Pharmaceutical Scientists Committee Members Are President: Avinash Thombre, Etc.,


the Web portal for the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), a professional, scientific society of more than 10,000 members employed in academia, industry, government and other research institutes worldwide. Tha association organizes meetings, conferences, workshops.

"Aaps Pharmsci"

Organisation Providing All The Details About The Pharmacy Industry .

"Academic Health Centers"

The Association of Academic Health Centers (AHC) is a national, non-profit organization that consists of over 100 institutional members throughout the United States that are the health complexes of the major universities.


Association Of Consultants To The Bioscience And Pharmaceutical Industries .


The Belgium Pharmaceutical Industry Association Which Represents The Pharmaceutical Companies In Belgium .

"Alberta Pharmaceutical Association"

General Information About The Alberta Pharmaceutical Association, Its Activities And Benefits To Members.

"Alberta Pharmaceutical Association"

Organisation Which Gives Details About The Pharmaceutical Industry .

"American Association Of Colleges Of Pharmacy"

Association Which Represents U.S. Colleges And Schools Of Pharmacy.

"American Association Of Colleges Of Pharmacy."

Association Which Represents U.S. Colleges And Schools Of Pharmacy. Our College Are Offered In Pharma Eduction Like:Bachlor Of Science Bachlor Of Doctor, And Postgradute Also.

"American Association Of Indian Pharmaceutical Scientists"

Association Of Indian Pharmaceutical Scientists .

"American Association Of Pharmacy Technicians"

Provides Leadership And Represents The Interests Of Its Members To The Public As Well As Health Care Organizations.

"American Council Of Independent Laboratories"

Acil Is The National Trade Association Representing Independent, Commercial Engineering And Scientific Laboratory, Testing, Consulting And R&D Firms.

"American Dental Hygienists Association"

The largest professional organization representing the interests of dental hygienists

"American Dental Hygienists Association"

Our Organisation Is Related To Ental Hygienists, Dental Hygiene, Adha, Rdh, Teeth, Gums, Plaque, Tartar, Gingivitis, Breath, Brushing, Flossing, Tooth Whitening, Tooth Brush, Toothbrush, Toothpaste.

"American Diabetes Association"

Offers The Latest Information On Diabetes And Living With The Disease. The Mission Of The American Diabetes Association Is To Prevent And Cure Diabetes And To Improve The Lives Of All People Affected By Diabetes. The American Diabetes Association Is The Nation`S Leading.

"American Dietetic Association"

We Hope You Enjoy The Site And Keep Coming Back To Learn More About The Foundation`S Mission, Its Work, And Opportunities That Make A Difference.We Hope To Solve Your Health Problems.

"American Heart Association, Inc."

American Heart Association, 7 Pharmaceutical Companies Launch National Compliance Improvement Initiative

"American Optometric Association."

Our Organisations Is Helps To Public The Optemestric Treatment.They Offered And Helps The Contact Lents,Glass Also.

"American Pharmaceutical Association"

The United States With More Than 50,000 Members Of Apha Include Practicing Pharmacists, Pharmaceutical Scientists,Pharmacy Students,Pharmacy Technicians.

"American Pharmaceutical Association Foundation"

The Association Mission Is To Enhance The Quality Of Consumer Health Outcomes That Are Affected By Pharmacy.

"American Podiatric Medical Association"

These Organizations Focus Their Attention On Education, Research, And Specialty Areas Of Interest, Such As Dermatology, Pediatrics, Radiology, And Sports Medicine, Among Others.

"American Society For Automation In Pharmacy"

Advancing The Application Of Computer Technology In The Pharmacists Role. Members Include Technology Companies, Drug Chains, And Wholesalers .

"American Society Of Health-System Pharmacists (Ashp)"

Represents Pharmacists Who Practice In Health Care Systems Including Hospitals, Health Maintenance Organizations, And Long-Term Care Facilities.

"American Society Of Pharmacists Foundation."

The Impact Of Consultant Pharmacist Services On Patient Outcomes,Parkinson`S Disease Traineeship ,Disease Pharmacotherapy Traineeship Hiv/Aids Pharmacotherapy Traineeship Etc.

"American Society Of Plastic Surgeons"

Provides Background On The History And Wide Variety Of Cosmetic And Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Procedures As Well As Offering A Plastic Surgeon Referral Service.There Is Also Information On Asps, Psef And Other Plastic Surgery Organizations.

"American Speech-Language-Hearing Association"

We Promote The Interests Of And Provide The Highest Quality Services For Professionals In Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology, And Speech And Hearing Science, And To Advocate For People With Communication Disabilities.

"Apha Foundation"

The Apha Foundation Offers Unique Opportunities For Pharmacists To Network With Fellow Pharmacists In Specific Areas Of Interest And Expertise .

"Apha Foundation."

The Apha Foundation Offers Unique Opportunities For Pharmacists To Network With Fellow Pharmacists In Specific Areas Of Interest And Expertise. Our Organisation Is Conducted Some Pharma University And Association.

"Arab-American Pharmacy Student Association"

The Mission Of The Arab-American Pharmacy Students Association Is The Excellence In Pharmaceutical Education, Preparing Its Members To Be Professionals Who Provide & Promote Patient-Oriented Pharmaceutical Care & Promotion Of The Pharmacy Promotion .


Pharmaceuticals Fine Chemicals And Fine Chemicals Technologies In Italy.

"Association Of Clinical Research Professionals."

Acrp Invites You To Explore This Site And Learn About The Many Services And Educational Opportunities We Offer. These Members Come From Diverse Backgrounds In The Pharmaceutical

"Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association"

The Apma Is The Non-Profit Professional And Trade Association Of Australias Prescription Pharmaceutical Industry.

"Australian Pharmaceutical Manufactures Association. Inc."

The Research, Development, Manufacture, Marketing And Export Of Prescription Pharmaceuticals, And The Ongoing Improvement Of Medical And Scientific Knowledge About Its Products.Government, Health Professional Organisations And Community .

"Autism Society Of America"

The mission of the Autism Society of America is to promote lifelong access and opportunities for persons within the autism spectrum and their families, to be fully included, participating members of their communities through advocacy, public awareness, education, and research related to autism.

"Avicenna Pharmacists Associates Ltd"

Pharmacists Association Offering Enhanced Terms And Discounts To Pharmacists In The Uk And Overseas Hospitals Looking To Source Supplies .

"Better Medicare."

Citizens For Better Medicare Is A Broad-Based, Bipartisan Group Representing The Interests Of Patients, Seniors, Pharmaceutical Research Companies, Doctors, Caregivers, Hospitals, Employers, Health Care Experts

"BioIndustry Association"

a membership body for UK biotechnology companies, exists to encourage bio-business and promote a financially sound and thriving sector of the UK economy built on developments across the biosciences to create wealth, employment and an expanding skills base. Organizes events and conferences.

"British Association Of European Pharmaceutical Distributors"

Professional Body Representing The Interests Of Those Registered Companies Who Are Engaged In The Importation And Parallel Distribution Of Licensed Medicinal Products For Human Consumption Within The United Kingdom.

"British Association Of European Pharmaceutical Distributors"

Professional Organisation Representing Some 13 Companies All Of Whom Possess The Appropriate Licences Granted By The Department Of Health Through The Medicines Control Agency ,The Competent Regulatory Authority.

"British Association Of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers"

The British Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers represents the countryís full range of pharmaceutical wholesalers

"California Healthcare Institute"

California Healthcare Institute Is A Public Policy Research And Advocacy Organization For Californias Biomedical Industry -- Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device And Academic Biomedical Research .

"Canadian Association Of Pakistani Pharmaceutical"

Our Organisation So Many Contactors Available In Particularly In Pharma Division.Association Who Provide Pharmaceutical Professionals Both In Canada As Well As In Pakistan .

"Canadian Association of Pakistani Pharmaceutical Professional"

Canadian Association Of Pakistani Pharmaceutical Professionals.

"Canadian Pharmacists Association"

The Canadian Pharmacists Association Is The National Organization Of Pharmacists Committed To Providing Leadership For The Profession Of Pharmacy.

"Canadian Wholesale Drug Association"

Cwda Is A Leading Health Care Industry Association With A Special Focus On Supply Chain Management.

"Cappa, Inc."

Cappa Is A Membership And Certification Organization For Childbirth Professionals Such As Childbirth Educators, Labor Doulas, Postpartum Doulas, Lactation Educators And Others.

"Cardiological Society Of India"

Advancement Of Scientific Knowledge And Research In Relation To The Cardiovascular System In All Its Aspects To Improve Our Basic Understanding And To Find Better Preventive Measures And Treatment.

"Clinical Pharmacy Associates, Inc."

Clinical Pharmacy Associates Is An Innovative Drug Therapy Utilization Management Company Which Provides Both On-Site & Centralized Services To Hospitals, Managed Care Organizations, Nursing Homes, Outpatient Centers, Pharmacy Benefits Management Group.

"Colorado Pharmacists Association"

Professional Pharmacy Association Committed To The Advancement Of Health Care And Pharmacy Practice In Colorado.

"Colorado Pharmacists Association"

We Are Offered In Professional Pharmacy Association Committed To The Advancement Of Health Care And Pharmacy Practice In Colorado.

"Commission For Certification In Geriatric Pharmacy"

National Voluntary Certification Program For Pharmacists Involved In Geriatric Practice.

"Consumer Healthcare Products Association"

Chpa Is The 119 Year-Old National Trade Association Representing Manufacturers Of Nonprescription, Over-The-Counter Medicines And Dietary Supplements .

"Consumer Healthcare Products Association"

We Are Offered Chpa Is The 119 Year-Old National Trade Association Representing Manufacturers Of Nonprescription, Over-The-Counter Medicines And Dietary Supplements .

"Council On Family Health"

Council On Family Health Is Dedicated To Educating Consumers About The Proper Use Of Nonprescription And Prescription Medicines, Home Safety And Personal Health.

"Dr. Notghi - Contract Research"

Dr. Notghi - Contract Research Is A Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organisation For Clinical Research And Data Management In Berlin, Germany.

"Drug Information Association."

These Members Are Primarily From The Regulatory Agencies, Academia, Contract Service Organizations, Pharmaceutical, Biological And Device Industry, And From Other Health Care Organizations.The Dia (Drug Information Association) Is A Non-Profit, Multi-Disciplinary, Member-Driven Scientific Association.

"Efpia - European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations"

is the representative voice of the pharmaceutical industry in Europe, represents the common views and interests of over 2,000 pharmaceutical companies undertaking research, development and manufacturing of medical products for human use in Europe. Organizes conferences and meetings.


Ephmra Is The Association Which Brings Together European, Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies Operating On A Global Perspective.

"European Association Of Euro-Pharmaceutical Companies"

Professional Association Representing Seven National Associations On A Pan European Level.

"European Federation For Medicinal Chemistry"

Objective Is To Advance Science Of Medicinal Chemistry By Promoting Cooperation Between The Adhering Organizations.

"European Generic Medicines Association"

Trade Association Which Represents The Interests Of European Generic Medicines Manufacturers.

"Federation Of Japan Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Association"

It Has Been Contributing To The Improvement Of The Wholesalers Social Position And Industrial Development .

"Florida Society Of Health-System Pharmacists"

Professional Association Of Pharmacy Practitioners That Promotes And Supports The Continual Improvement Of Pharmaceutical Care & The Profession Of Pharmacy As An Essential Component For The Delivery Of Health Care .

"Fraternity Kappa Psi Fraternity"

Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc. Is The World`S Oldest And Largest Pharmacy Fraternity. There Are Currently 66 Collegiate And 41 Graduate Chapters In The U.S. And Canada.

"Georgia Pharmacy Association"

Gpha Is Committed To Promoting And Enhancing The Profession Of Pharmacy And The Practice Standards Of Its Practitioners .


The European association of pharmaceutical wholesalers


International Umbrella Organization Of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Associations In Europe.

"Health Action International"

Hai Is A Non-Profit, Global Network Of Health, Development, Consumer And Other Public Interest Groups In More Than 70 Countries Working For A More Rational Use Of Medicinal Drugs.

"Health Industry Distributors Association (Hida)"

Trade Association Representing Medical Products Distributors And Home Care Companies.


The International Federation Of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations (Ifpma) Represents The Worldwide Research-Based Pharmaceutical Industry And Manufacturers Of Prescription Medicines Generally .


International Federation of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers provides industry information to pharmaceutical and related companies.

"Indian Drug Manufacturers Association"

Association Of Drug Manufacturers In India Who Protect The Interest Of The Indian Consumers .

"International Aids Vaccine Initiative"

Scientific Non-Profit Organization Working To Speed The Development And Distribution Of Preventive Aids Vaccines

"International Pharmaceutical Congress Advisory Association"

Association Of Active Healthcare Companies Engaged In Medical Congresses.

"International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council"

The world wide Trade Association of Manufacturers and users of Pharmaceutical Excipients.

"International Pharmaceutical Federation"

promote the education of, and research by pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists within the general fields of design, manufacture, distribution and use of medicines for humans and/or animals.

"International Pharmaceutical Students Federation"

Organisation Whose Objective Is To Study And Promote The Interests Of Pharmaceutical Students And To Encourage International Co-Operation Among Them .

"International Society For Pharmaceutical Engineering"

A world-wide, not-for-profit volunteer Society of technical professionals who apply their practical knowledge in the regulated healthcare manufacturing industries


Ipec Is A Federation Of Three Independent Regional Industry Associations Who Represent U.S. Excipient Producers And Companies That Use Pharmaceutical-Grade Excipients In Finished Drug Dosage Forms And Nutritional Supplements.

"Japan Pharmaceutical Association"

business and history of the Association

"Jordanian Association of Manufacturers of Pharmaceutical and Medical Applia..."

A private, non-profit association aiming to support, develop and upgrade the Jordanian pharmaceutical industry. Provides technical assistance and a data base to its members.

"Kansas Pharmacists Association"

A state professional society of pharmacists, united for, and dedicated to, the advancement and promotion of quality and rational public health, with particular reference to assuring optimal pharmacotherapy for the citizens of Kansas.

"Life Extension Foundation"

The Life Extension Foundation has a 20 year history of introducing life saving medical discoveries and funding scientific research.

"Marinalg International"

The Main Purpose Of The Association Is To Promote The Image And Use Of Seaweed-Derived Hydrocolloids In Foods, Pharmaceuticals And Cosmetics.

"Medi Advice"

a world wide service based in Australia providing information to individuals, doctors, pharmacists and various other specialists

"Medical Marketing Association"

The Mma Provides Education And Professional Development To Promote Excellence In The Marketing Of Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Medical Devices And Biologics .


Medicus Polish American Medical Society Is A Tax-Exempt Organization Registered In The State Of New York

"Medisend International"

MediSend/International is a non-profit, apolitical, non-sectarian organization that collects surplus medical supplies and equipment for distribution to \ndeveloping countries.

"Missouri Pharmacy Association"

The Missouri Pharmacy Association Is A Committed Group Of Professional Pharmacists With High Standards And Goals.

"Montana State Pharmaceutical Association"

Association Providing A Program Of Recovery And Rehabilitation For Pharmacists Struggling With Chemical Dependency Issues Iin Their Lives .

"National Association Of Chain Drug Stores"

The National Association Of Chain Drug Stores Represents The Largest Component Of Pharmacy Practice

"National Association Of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers"

The National Association Of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Is A National, Non-Profit Trade Group Representing The Regulatory And Legislative Interests Of Independent Generic Drug Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemicals.

"National Association Of Pharmacy Managers"

The Association Is Consulted By Both Professional Bodies And Government Within The Uk, And Using Its Wealth Of Skills, Has Been Closely Associated With Many Professional And Service Developments

"National Pharmaceutical Association"

Association Which Provides Information About All The Pharmaceutical Industry .

"National Pharmaceutical Association (NPA)"

Information on the pharmacist's role; how to use, store and dispose of medicines; regular news features, NPA advertising; careers information; kids' section; list of local pharmacies.

"National Pharmaceutical Council"

The National Pharmaceutical Council Is An Organisation Supported By 23 Of The Nations Major Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies.

"Ndmac Inc."

The national association representing manufacturers, marketers and distributors of self-care products including nonprescription medications, herbal remedies/natural health products, and nutritional supplements.

"New Mexico Pharmaceutical Association"

Association Which Provides Details About The Pharmaceutical Industry .

"Nonprescription Drug Manufacturers Association Of Canada"

National Association Representing Manufacturers,Marketers & Distributors Of Self-Care Products Including Nonprescription Medications, Herbal Remedies/Natural Health Products & Distributors Of Self-Care Products .

"North Dakota Pharmaceutical Association"

The Dakota Pharmaceutical Association Is Concerned About The Quality Of Pharmacy Practice In The Northern Part Of The Dakota Territory.

"Office Of Health Economics"

Association Of The British Pharmaceutical Industry Which Commission And Undertake Research On The Economics Of Health And Health Care .

"Organisation Of Pharmaceutical Producers Of India"

Oppi Is An Organisation Of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Whose Members Currently Manufacture Over 200 Bulk Drugs And Account For 50% Of The Industrys Export Of Drugs And Pharmaceuticals.

"Pakistani American Pharmaceutical Association"

Pakistani American Pharmaceutical Association Which Is Actively Engaged For The Betterment Of The Pharmacy Profession And The Welfare Of The Pharmacists.

"Parenteral Drug Association"

an international association for pharmaceutical science and technology


Non-Profit International Association Of More Than 9,500 Scientists Involved In The Development, Manufacture, Quality Control And Regulation Of Pharmaceuticals And Related Products.

"Pharmaceutical And Personal Care Logistics Association"

The Pharmaceutical And Personal Care Logistics Association Is Comprised Of Representatives Throughout The Manufacturing Sector Specializing In Logistics And Their Service Suppliers.

"Pharmaceutical Industry Benchmarking Group."

An Association Of Pharmaceutical Companies To Conduct Benchmarking Studies.Consortium Studies Are Offered To The Membership As A Whole With Costs Divided. Single Company Sponsored Studies Addressing The Interest Of One Member Company Canbe And No Fee

"Pharmaceutical Producers Association"

Pharmaceutical Producers Association Promotes High Standards In The Ethical Promotion Of Its Products.

"Pharmaceutical Quality Group"

The Pharmaceutical Quality Group Is A Group For Professional Quality Practitioners Within The Pharmaceutical Industry

"Pharmaceutical Research And Manufacturers Of America"

The Research-Based Pharmaceutical Industry Has Had A Long-Standing Tradition Of Providing Prescription Medicines Free Of Charge To Physicians Whose Patients Might Not Otherwise Have Access To Necessary Medicines.

"Pharmaceutical Research Associates, Inc"

Company Has Provided Services On A Contract Basis To The Pharmaceutical And Biotechnology Industries For More Than 20 Years. Pra Is Today The Largest Privately-Held And Seventh-Largest Clinical Research Organization (Cro) In The World.

"Pharmaceutical Society Of Australia."

Education:The Pharmaceutical Society`S National Education Division Has Developed A Series Of Education Products And Resources That Will Give All Pharmacists In Australia Access To High-Quality Education And Current Therapeutic Information.

"Pharmaceutical Society Of New Zealand"

The Purpose Of The Society Is To Promote Excellence In The Practice Of Pharmacy To Improve The Health Of New Zealanders.

"Pharmaceutical Trade Association"

Organization Dedicated To The Advancement Of Its Membership By Providing A Forum For Interaction, Communication, And Education.

"Pharmacy Alliance,"

Development Weekend In Gloucester Was Described As Valuable, Interesting And Thoroughly Enjoyable By The Pharmacists Who Attended

"Professional Compounding Centers of America, Inc."

PCCA provides independent pharmacists with a complete support system for compounding unique dosage forms.

"Returns Industry Association"

Returns Industry Association Provides A Unified Voice For Our Industry And A Commitment To High Quality Standards As Well As The Protection Of The Environment .

"Rhys Roberts Associates"

Rhys Roberts Associates Is A Specialist Healthcare Communications Consultancy. It Forge Links Between The Pharmaceutical Industry & Health Professionals To Develop Ideas That Improve Clinical Practice.

"Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain"

The professional organisation and governing body for pharmacy in the UK


Provides You With A Safe, Confidential Resource For Your Prescription Medication. Online Consultations By Our Medical Professionals Save You Time And Money


The Hellenic Association Of Pharmaceutical Companies (Sfee) Represents The Position Of The International Research - Based Pharmaceutical Industry In Greece.

"Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association"

Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association Grew Rapidly And Has Become One Of The Most Active And Well-Recognized Chinese-Heritage Enduring Professional Organizations In The United States.

"Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association"

Sapa Is An Independent, Nonprofit Organization With Nearly 1,200 Members In More Than 35 States In Usa, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan And Japan United By A Commitment To Promoting Pharmaceutical Science And Technology.

"Society Of Pharmaceutical Medicine"

Organisation Which Promotes The Acquisition And Dissemination Of Knowledge Concerning The Action And Development Of Medicinal Agents As Well As Their Application In Therapeutics .

"Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry"

is a non-profit organisation formed in 1977. PSI provides a forum for regular discussion of statistics and matters relating to the practice of statistics in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as promoting Good Statistical Practice within the industry. Next event is the Annual Conference and AGM, 13 - 16 May 2001.


The Pharm Tech Europe Summit Will Be The Event For The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Market, Gathering Together The Key Decision-Makers

"The American Pharmaceutical Association"

The National Professional Society Of Pharmacists In The United States Which Represents The Third Largest Health Profession, Composed Of More Than 190,000 Pharmacy Practitioners, Scientists&Pharmacy Students.

"The American Society Of Consultant Pharmacists"

International Professional Association That Provides Leadership, Education, Advocacy, And Resources To Advance The Practice Of Senior Care Pharmacy .

"The Association Of The British Pharmaceutical Industry"

The Association Of The British Pharmaceutical Industry Is The Trade Association For About A Hundred Companies In The Uk Producing Prescription Medicines.

"The California Pharmacists Association"

The California Pharmacists Association Will Act As The Leader In Advocating The Role Of The Pharmacist As An Essential Provider Of Healthcare And To Support Pharmacists In Providing Optimal Pharmaceutical Care .

"The Canadian Society Of Hospital Pharmacists"

Role Of The Canadian Society Of Hospital Pharmacists Is To Provide Leadership In All Aspects Of Pharmacy Practice In Hospitals And Related Health Care Settings.

"The Illinois Council Of Health-System Pharmacists"

The Illinois Council Of Health-System Pharmacists Is The State Association Representing Pharmacists And Related Personnel Associated With Organized Health Care Settings.

"The Indian Pharmaceutical Association"

National Professional Body Of Pharmacists Engaged In Various Facets Of The Profession Of Pharmacy .

"The International Academy Of Compounding Pharmacists"

The International Academy Of Compounding Pharmacists (Iacp) Is An International, Non-Profit Association Protecting And Promoting The Art And Skill Of Pharmaceutical Compounding .

"The Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association ."

Is A Voluntary Organization Of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers That Contribute To Society By Developing New Pharmaceuticals.The Jpma Works In Close Cooperation With The International Federation Of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association.

"The Locum International Group"

The Locum International Group Is A Limited Research Association Comprising Of : A Pharmaceutical Research And Development Company With Extensive Experience In Product Development Manufacturing, Regulatory Affairs And Drug Sales In The Market Place

"The Minnesota Society Of Health-System Pharmacists"

State Organization Of Pharmacists And Related Personnel Associated With Organized Health Care Settings.

"The National Association Of Boards Of Pharmacy"

The Nabp Is The Independent And Impartial Association That Assists Its Member Boards In Developing, Implementing, And Enforcing Uniform Standards For The Purpose Of Protecting The Public Health.

"The National Community Pharmacists Association"

founded in 1898 as the National Association of Retail Druggists (NARD), serves the pharmacist owners, managers, and employees of 25,000 independent pharmacies across the country. Independent pharmacies, independent pharmacy franchises, and independent pharmacist-owned chains dispense nearly one-half of the nation's retail prescription drugs.

"The Pharmaceutical Association"

Each Of The Npa Departments Maintains Constant Contact With Members, Serving Their Needs And Responding To Their Problems And Interests. The Single Main Reason For The Existence Of The Npa - Amplified By Our Guiding Ethos And Aim.

"The Pharmaceutical Industry Benchmarking Group"

Association Of Pharmaceutical Companies To Conduct Benchmarking Studies To Identify The Practices That Improve The Overall Operations Of The Members.

"The Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Management Association"

The Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Management Association, Poma Was Established In 1995 As A Forum To Exchange Ideas And Experiences About Outsourcing In The Pharmaceutical Industry .

"The Pharmacy Computer Suppliers Association"

The Pharmacy Computer Suppliers Association Was Formed To Promote The Professional Use Of Computers In Pharmacy.

"The Pharmacy Society Of Wisconsin"

Provide Leadership In Education,Advocacy And Innovative Services Which Optimize Patient Care Through The Utilization And Support Of Rational Drug Therapy As A Primary Resource In A Changing Health Care Environment .

"The Society Of Hospital Pharmacists Of Hong Kong"

Organisation Which Provides Health And Medication-Related Information To The Community And News About Shphk To Its Members .

"The Texas Pharmacy Association"

The Association Offers Members Recognition Opportunities; Legislative Representation; Specialty Continuing Education Sessions, Including Programs In Pharmaceutical Care, Asthma, Smoking Cessation, Womens Health And Geriatrics.

"The Washington State Pharmacists Association"

It Exists To Support And Advance The Practice Of Pharmacy To Ensure That The Public Receives Optimal Pharmaceutical Care.

"The Westshore Pharmaceutical Association"

Non-Profit Professional Association Dedicated To Maintaining And Enhancing The Professional Skills Of Our Members Through Continuing Education Programs.

"Truecare Pharmacy"

A Kansas City Based Company Named Pharmacy Buying Association, Inc. Offer Patients Of Independent Pharmacy Superior Products, Services, And Value While Allowing The Pharmacists And Business Owners The Ability To Maintain Their Independence .


Txpharm Is A Non-Traditional Program Designed To Meet The Needs Of Practicing Pharmacists In Texas Who Desire To Enhance Their Knowledge, Skills, And Credentials To Earn The Doctor Of Pharmacy Degree.

"United States Pharmacopeial, Inc."

Usp Helps To Ensure That Consumers Receive Medicines Of The Highest Possible Quality By Setting The Standards That Manufacturers Must Meet To Sell Their Products In U.S.

"Utah Pharmaceutical Association"

Association Providing All Information About The Pharmacy Industry .

"Virginia Society Of Health-System Pharmacists"

The Vshp Is Dedicated To Representing Its Members And To Provide Leadership That Will Enable Pharmacists In Organized Health-Care Settings To Provide High Quality Pharmaceutical Care That Fosters The Efficacy, Safety,Etc .,

"World Self-Medication Industry"

The World Self-Medication Industry Is A Federation Of 54 Member Associations Representing Manufacturers And Distributors Of Nonprescription Medicines On All Continents.

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