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"3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals, Inc."
The Leader In Drug Discovery In Press Releases Menu They Mentioned As Underwriters Purchase Additional 750,000 Shares Of 3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals Common Stock In Exercise Of Ipo Over-Allotment Option

"3M Pharmaceuticals Division"

prescription medicines for respiratory, cardiovascular, and immune system, and drug delivery systems for the health care market.


specialty pharmaceutical and product development company providing support services, development opportunities and products to global pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets. aaiPharma is the holding company for its three operating companies, AAI International, aaiResearch, and NeoSan Pharmaceuticals.

"Abbott Laboratories"

Manufacturing Drugs For Womens Health, Pediatrics, Diabetes, Hiv, Respiratory Infections, Animal Health And Pain Management.

"Abbott Laboratories"

Is A Global, Diversified Company Dedicated To The Discovery, Development, Manufacture And Marketing Of Health Care Products And Services

"Absorb Creatine Monohydrate Company"

offers creatine monohydrate liquid, serum, and effervescent.

"Acadia Pharmaceuticals"

development stage company specializing in the functional characterization of genes encoding potential drug targets.

"Access Pharmaceuticals"

focused on developing both novel low-development-risk products and technologies which present major longer-term product opportunities.

"Adams Laboratories, Inc"

Adams Laboratories, Inc. One-Stop Source To Manufacture, Analyze, Package And Distribute Their Pharmaceuticals. All Services Are Performed In Qualified Laboratories And Supported By Extensive Process Documentation

"Adolor Corporation Ltd."

Adolor Corporation Is A Privately Held Biopharmaceutical Company Committed To The Development Of Novel Analgesics And Other Related Therapeutics Based Upon Recent Advances In Proprietary Medicinal Chemistry And Recombinant Receptor Technology.

"Advanced Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine Co."

manufactures aromatherapy and herbal medicine products including essential oils, supplements, bath salts, and body care.

"Advanced Syntech"

new company with the mission to accelerate the discovery of new medicines through the application of innovative techniques in combinatorial chemistry using robotic compound synthesis. Advanced SynTech focuses on the ultra high throughput synthesis of individual organic compounds rather than mixtures, in accord with the most modern thinking in the field.

"Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

subsidiary of Pfizer Inc., is an integrated pharmaceutical company committed to the discovery, development, manufacturing, and marketing of innovative therapeutic products engineered to inactivate proteins that play key roles in cancer, AIDS, and other serious diseases.

"AIE Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

developer, manufacturer, and primary supplier of a comprehensive line of nutritional supplements to meet the special needs of customers. Formulations include: anti-imptence, hair loss, weight loss, hepatitis and cirhosis treatment, arhtiritis relief, sleep aid, diabetes, cold & flu, PMS & menopause, colon cleanse, depression, stress, anti-aging/cancer, cholesterol reducer, energy booster, and anti-prostate cancer.

"Akorn, Inc."

multi-dimensional manufacturer, packager and distributor of high quality pharmaceutical and medical products.

"Alexion Pharmaceuticals"

A Group Of Scientists Gathered In New Haven To Consider Starting A New Biopharmaceutical Company Committed To Developing A Novel Class Of Anti-Inflammatory Compounds, Known As Complement Inhibitors

"Allergan. Inc"

technology-driven, global health care company providing eye care and specialty pharmaceutical products worldwide.

"Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp."

research and development company focused on transforming innovative scientific discoveries into novel therapeutic and diagnostic agents.

"Alpha Research & Development, Inc."

to produce the highest quality health and skin supplements using patented or proprietary methods that do not use harsh or damaging chemical manipulation.


market leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing generic liquid and topical pharmaceuticals.

"Alpharma Inc."

Alpharma Inc. is a growing specialty pharmaceutical company with global leadership positions in products for humans and animals. Uniquely positioned to expand internationally, Alpharma is presently active in more than 60 countries.

"Alternative Pharmaceuticals"

We Have Been Manufacturing Our Own Products For Over Ten Years, Thereby Possessing Both The Knowledge And Experience Necessary To Consistently Provide You With Only The Highest Quality, Hottest Sports Supplements.

"Alva-Amco Pharmacal Companies Inc"

Producer Of Non-Prescription Pharmaceuticals, Dietary Supplements, And Specialty Cosmetics. Available At Drug Stores, Supermarkets And Discount Department Stores Throughout The U.S.A

"Alva-Amco Pharmacal, Inc"

makers of diurex, menstrual diuretic, psoriasin for psoriasis, fungicure for fungus infection, backaid for back ache, and herpetrol for cold sores.

"Alyzan Inc."

A Pharmaceutical Research Company Which Focuses On Products For Skin Care And Hair Care

"American Home Products Corporation"

world leader in the research and development of innovative, high-quality health care products. Our product portfolio spans the range of top-selling pharmaceutical and biotechnology products, consumer health care products, and animal health care products.

"American Medical Industries"

Offers Veterinary Products And Health Care Products.Etc

"American Sports Nutrition"

manufacturers and suppliers of American Whey protein, glutamine, and other amino acid supplements.

"Amerilab Technologies"

specializing in the contract manufacture of effervescent products, developes also products In The Following Catagories: Analgesics, Cough, Cold, Sinus And Combinations Thereof, Vitamins And Mineral Combinations, Extract And Growth Hormones, As Well As Products For Veterinary, Agricultural And Cosmetic Industries.

"Amgen Pharmaceuticals"

The world's largest independent biotechnology company, Amgen, delivers important, cost-effective therapeutics based on advanced cellular and molecular biology.

"Amino Systems"

amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

"Amylin Pharmaceutical"

Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of drug candidates for the treatment of metabolic disorders.

"Anabolic Laboratories, Inc"

A 75+ Year History Of Manufacturing The Highest Quality Pharmaceutical And Nutritional Products And A Dedication To Total Customer Satisfaction Have Positioned Anabolic Laboratories As A Leader In Contract Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

"Antex Biologics"

biopharmaceutical company committed to improving human health by developing new products to prevent and treat infectious diseases and related disorders.

"Apex Bioscience, Inc"

Developing Critical Care Therapeutics Based On Hemoglobin And Nitric Oxide.

"Apothecus Pharmaceutical Corporation"

Marketing Unique, High Quality Contraceptive And Family Planning Products And Manufacturer Of Contraceptive Products

"Applied Genetics Inc. Dermatics"

private biopharmaceutical company focusing on DNA repair technology, dermatology and skin cancer research and the lifestyle enhancement market.

"Applied Laboratories, Inc."

contract manufacturing and development of pharmaceutical and health care products.

"Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc"

A biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of proprietary platform technologies and therapeutic products based on gene regulation and signal transduction

"Aronex Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

biopharmaceutical company involved in the identification, development and commercialization of novel medicines for treating cancer and life-threatening infectious diseases.

"Ascent Pediatrics, Inc"

Ascent Pediatrics was created to provide medicine that suits the demanding needs of a sick child, the uncompromising requirements of a pediatrician, and the fundamental concerns of a parent.

"Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals Lp"

The Company Produces A Wide Range Of Products That Make Significant Contributions To Treatment Options And Patient Care. Astrazeneca Has One Of The Worlds Leading Portfolios To Treat Cancer And Gastrointestinal Disorders

"Asymchem Laboratories, Inc."

custom synthesis producer of advanced fine organic chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates, including boronic acids, pyridines, benzotrifluorides, fluoro compounds, and more.

"Atlantic Pharmaceutical Services"

contract manufacturer of solid dosage forms and providing services of spray drying, fluid bed process, encapsulation, and high shear granulation.

"Atlantic Technology Ventures, Inc"

technology incubator engaged in developing and commercializing a diverse portfolio of patented technologies.

"Atrix Laboratories, Inc"

Is A Drug Delivery And Drug Development Company Whose Patented Technologies Provide Drug Delivery From Minutes To Months

"Autoimmune Inc."

Biopharmaceutical Company Developing A New Class Of Orally Administered Products To Treat Autoimmune And Other Cell-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases.

"Avant Immunotherapeutics, Inc."

is engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of products that harness the human immune response to prevent and treat disease.


Aventis-Millennium Alliance Defines New Paradigm For Partnership. The Core Strategy Of Aventis Pharma Is Innovation. More...

"Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc."

the U.S. pharmaceuticals business of a newly created world-class life sciences company, Aventis S.A., which was created by the merger of Hoechst AG and Rhône-Poulenc S.A. Aventis Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to treating and preventing human disease through the discovery, development, manufacture and sales of innovative pharmaceutical products aimed at satisfying unmet medical needs.

"B&B Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

licensed as a wholesaler and pharmaceutical manufacturer.

"Balance Pharmaceuticals, Inc"

privately held pharmaceutical company engaged in the development of innovative products to improve women's health through modulation of hormone exposure.

"Banner Pharmacaps Inc.,"

Leader In The Development And Manufacture Of Prescription, Over-The-Counter Pharmaceuticals, And Nutritional Supplements Sold In Softgels And Sofletª Gelcaps. Products Include Softgel Capsules And Soflet Gelcaps Etc..

"Barr Laboratories"

Developing, manufacturing and marketing generic and proprietary pharmaceuticals in specific therapeutic categories that generate sustainable profitability

"BASF Corporation"

the third largest producer of chemicals and related products in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

"Bayer Pharmaceutical Division"

Bayer Corporation, Pharmaceutical Division Products Are Available Only By Prescription From A Licensed Health Care Professional. Bayer Corporation Is Not Engaged In Rendering Medical Advice Or Service.

"Bentley Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

U.S. based company that specializes in the development of products based on innovative and proprietary drug delivery systems, which also manufactures, markets and distributes pharmaceutical products for international markets through its European operating subsidiary.

"Bertek Pharmaceuticals Inc."

branded products division of Mylan Laboratories Inc. and is a key factor in Mylan's mission to operate as a fully integrated pharmaceutical company.

"Beutlich Pharmaceuticals L.P."

We will strive to provide the finest product, service and assistance to our customers. We will not be satisfied with anything less than our best effort to achieve this goal. Our customers' health depends on the quality of our products. possibility to order online.

"Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc"

Manufacturer, Marketer, Wholesaler And Distributor Specializing In High Quality Hypoallergenic Products, Cutting Edge Nutriceuticals, Alternative Health Care Products, And Pharmaceuticals

"Bio-Technology General Corp."

Bio-Technology General Corp. has established itself as a leader in the biopharmaceutical industry with superior capabilities in the research, development, and manufacturing of recombinant proteins, as well as capabilities in small molecule technology.

"Biocache Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

pharmaceuticals company dealing in immunology, structural biology and molecular biology.

"Biogen, Inc."

global biopharmaceutical company principally engaged in discovering and developing drugs for human health care through genetic engineering.

"Bioject Medical Technologies, Inc."

has developed a portfolio of needle-free injection products to meet the varied needs of today's healthcare environment.

"Bioprogress Technology"

was founded out of a commitment to providing alternatives to consumers whom, because of religious or ethical beliefs, cultural practice, individual choice or safety concerns, prefer animal-free products.

"Biosyn, Inc."

pharmaceutical research and development company, with a focus on AIDS, women's health, and anti-infectives. Products include microbicide and oral rinse.

"Biotechnology Corporation Of America"

Pharmaceutical Research And Development On The Divisions Such As Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Custom Synthesis, Microtiter Plate, Combinatorial Chemistry, Reagents And Resins

"Bradley Pharmaceuticals, Inc"

products include prescription and ethically-promoted \nnon-prescription drugs that are marketed in 31 markets worldwide. By targeting unfilled marketing opportunities, observing discipline within well defined budgets and introducing product line extensions to answer unmet needs

"Bristol-Myers Squibb Company"

one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world.

"Brothers Pharmaceutical"

Distributer Of Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Weightloss And Bodybuilding Formulas.All-Natural Nutritional Supplements For Nearly Forty Years. Maintaining That High Standard, We Now Are Extending Our Full Product Line To The Public At Factory Direct Savings.

"Cambrex Corporation."

Cambrex is a leading supplier of human health, animal health/agriculture and biotechnology products worldwide to the Life Sciences industries and a producer of specialty chemicals through its subsidiaries in the United States and Europe.

"Care For Life (CFL)"

hemophilia & blood disorder pharmaceutical provider.

"Carrington Laboratories"

formulates the aloe raw materials into a variety of FDA or USDA regulated devices, biologics, drugs in development, adjuvants, and various cosmetic and food grade products; offers an extensive range of products in its portfolio, including radiation care, diabetic care, wound care, and dietary supplements.

"Carter-Wallace, Inc."

Develops And Markets Prescription Drugs, Including Products For Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis, Coughs/Colds, Musculoskeletal Pain, And Epilepsy. Products: Astelin, Rynatan, Soma, Lufyllin, Felbatol Etc..

"Catalytica Pharmaceuticals Inc."

Develops And Manufactures Pharmaceuticals And Sterile Products Using Environmentally Compliant Methods. Wide Range Of Chemical Processes And All Dosage Forms From Solid Dose To Ointments.

"Cb Research And Development"

Cbrd Has Been In The Contract Business For Over 10 Years And Has Completed Over 500 Projects For Some Of The Major Pharmaceutical And Biopharmaceutical Companies In The World

"Cell Marque Corporation"

Manufactures And Distributes Antibodies And Reagents For Cancer Diagnosis Using Immunohistochemistry.

"Centocor Inc."

Pharmaceutical company makes Remicade, new treatment for Crohn's Disease.


purchasing and information source for the international pharmaceutical and nutritional wholesale community with online database containing more than 100,000 pharmaceutical, nutritional and health care products, developed by All International Co. for international distributors and wholesalers searching for a source that can provide them with latest US pharmaceuticals and health care products at the best possible prices.

"Chesapeake Biological Laboratories, Inc."

A Leader In The Contract Development And Production Of Sterile Biopharmaceutical And Pharmaceutical Products

"Chiron Pharmaceuticals."

headquartered in Emeryville, California, is a leading biotechnology company that participates in three global healthcare markets: biopharmaceuticals, blood testing and vaccines. The company is applying a broad and integrated scientific approach to the development of innovative products for preventing and treating cancer, infectious diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.

"Coastal Viagra"

They Take Pride In Our Dedication To Providing The Highest Level Of Quality Health Care To Patients Over The Internet

"Coley Pharmaceutical Group"

developing innovative therapeutic and prophylactic products that harness the power of the immune system to treat cancer, allergy, asthma and infectious diseases, and help accelerate recovery of the immune system after cancer chemotherapies.

"Collagenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Offers All Types Of Research Services And Is Focused On Providing Innovative Medical Therapies.

"Community Clinical Trials"

Dedicated To Providing The Pharmaceutical Industry With The Highest Quality Clinical Research In An Environment That Assures The Compassionate Care Of Our Patients.

"Coordinated Research Of Florida Inc"

Private, Dedicated Research Site Specialiasing In Pharmaceutical Research And Psycopharmocology In A Friendly And Caring Atmosphers

"Corixa Corporation"

immunotherapy company focused on discovering antigens, developing them into products and taking those products to market.

"Corporate Technology Development, Inc."

specialty pharmaceutical and drug development company. The primary strategy of the company is to develop and commercialize proprietary new uses or applications for pharmaceutical chemical entities that have already been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

"Covance Inc."

one of the world's largest and most comprehensive drug development services companies.

"Curis, Inc"

developing products that define an emerging area of biotechnology known as regenerative medicine.

"Cytrx Corporation"

Biopharmaceutical Company Focused Located In Norcross,Mission Is To Develop And Market Human Therapeutic Products. Our Current Research And Development Activities Are Focused Primarily On Two Of Our Technologies -- Flocortm, And Tranzfect.

"Dcv, Inc."

specialize in biotechnology and fermentation process development.

"Discovery Laboratories, Inc."

development stage pharmaceutical company that is focused on acquiring and developing investigational drugs that have previously been tested in humans or animals.

"Dpt Laboratories"

Dpt Laboratories Is A High Quality Supplier Of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing And Development Services. Dpt Has Full Service Capabilities From Prototype Development To Worldwide Distribution.

"Dupont Pharmaceuticals Company"

worldwide business that focuses on research, development and delivery of pharmaceuticals to treat unmet medical needs in the fight against HIV, cardiovascular disease, central nervous system disorders, cancer and arthritis-related disorders. DuPont Pharmaceuticals is also a leader in medical imaging. DuPont Pharmaceuticals is a wholly owned subsidiary of The DuPont Company.

"Dura Pharmaceuticals, Inc"

San Diego based specialty pharmaceutical company that markets and sells prescription products that treat infectious and respiratory diseases.

"Duramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc"

develops, manufactures, and markets prescription drug products. The company focuses primarily upon solid oral dose hormone replacement therapy (HRT) products. Additionally, Duramed has concentrated efforts in other specialty fields, including controlled release technology and oncology.

"Dynagen, Inc."

Insight Into A Dynamic Healthcare Company. Research, Development, Manufacturing, Marketing And Distribution Of Diagnostic, Therapeutic And Pharmaceutical Drugs

"Eaglecare Pharmaceuticals Inc."

Vitamin Manufacturer Of Tablets, Capsules, Cosmetics, Tea Bags, & Blister Packaging.Manufacturer Of Cosmetics-Creams&Lotions.

"Ecr Pharmaceuticals"

Leading Developer And Manufacturer Of Quality Prescription And Consumer Pharmaceutical Products. ). Current Therapeutic Categories Include Oral Analgesics, Topical Arthritis Pain Relievers, Cough And Cold Medications Etc.

"Eisai Inc."

conducts research, manufacturing, and marketing of pharmaceuticals worldwide.

"Eli Lilly and Company"

creates and delivers innovative medicines that enable people to live longer, healthier and more active lives.

"Elitra Pharmaceutical"

Elitra Pharmaceuticals Inc. is focused on creating a dominant technology and patent position in antimicrobial functional genomics with the ultimate goal of discovering, developing and commercializing new antimicrobial drugs against novel targets.

"Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc."

fully integrated, independent pharmaceutical company with market leadership in pain management.

"Enter Med Inc."

EntreMed, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on antiangiogenic therapeutics that inhibit abnormal blood vessel growth associated with a broad range of diseases such as cancer, blindness, arthritis and atherosclerosis

"Epigenesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc"

leader in molecular therapeutics for respiratory diseases.

"F H Faulding & Co Limited."

Faulding Develops, Manufactures, Distributes And Markets A Wide Range Of Pharmaceutical And Health Care Products And Services.

"Ferring Pharmaceuticals"

Ferring Pharmaceuticals, founded in 1951, is a research-driven specialty biopharmaceutical company active in global markets.

"FMC Pharmaceutical"

product descriptions, case studies, pharmaceutical regulatory information, and on-line reference materials covering a broad range of pharmaceutical and excipient ingredients issues.

"Frontier Pharmaceutical Inc."

develops and manufactures health care products for animals and people.

"Geltex Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

dedicated to having a positive effect on the lives of people living with illness and disease.

"Genentech, Inc."

leading biotechnology company using human genetic information to develop, manufacture and market pharmaceuticals that address significant unmet medical needs.

"Genetix Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

privately held, development-stage gene therapy company established in 1992. Our mission is to develop effective, gene-based therapies for the treatment of serious human diseases.

"Genome Therapeutics Corporation"

Genome Therapeutics is a leader in genomics-based drug discovery. Our programs include infectious disease, asthma, osteoporosis, ulcers, human genetics; services for DNA sequencing and a pathogen database.

"Gilead Science"

leader in the international development and commercialization of medicines for infectious diseases and oncology.

"Glaxo Wellcome Inc"

research-based pharmaceutical firms. A subsidiary of London-based Glaxo Wellcome plc, the company is committed to fighting disease by bringing innovative medicines and services to patients and to the healthcare providers who serve them.

"Glenwood LLC"

a niche pharmaceutical and Medical device company that manufactures, markets and distributes a diverse range of propriety products for the human and veterinary health care markets.

"Glenwood`S Pharmacetical"

Description Calphosan¨: Solution Is A Specially Formulated Neutral Ph Solution Of 2 Calciums, Calcium Glycerophosphate And Calcium Latate Solution. It Is To Used Intramuscularly Or By Intravenous Or Subcutaneous Injection. The Suspension Settles A Milky, Fluffy Layer Of Sediment In The Bottom Of The Vial. Before It Is Used, It Is Shaken Vigorously.

"Glycotech Corporation"

Discovers And Develops Pharmaceutical Compounds Based On The Biological Functions Of The Interactions Between Glycoconjugates And Their Receptors

"Graham Development, Inc"

has extensive experience in the formulation of both solid and liquid dosage forms. Our FDA inspected "State of the Art" facility is fully compliant with cGMP and can respond quickly to large or small production needs.

"Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc."

biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development of novel products.

"Guy & O'Neill, LLD"

manufacturer of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, household fragrances, packaged wet-wipe towels, humidor juice.

"Holox Ltd."

Holox Services A Variety Of Healthcare Needs By Supplying The Following Medical Departments: Respiratory Therapy, Central Supply, Surgery, And Clinical Laboratoriesour Professional Staff Understands The Complexities Of Medical Applications And Design

"Hope Pharmaceuticals"

We Are Pleased To Provide Detailed Information On Selected Medications. Prepared By A Team Of Licensed Healthcare Professionals, This Information Summarizes Clinical Benefits For All To Understand

"Human Genome Sciences, Inc."

global pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, manufactures and sells our own genomics-based drugs.

"Icagen, Inc."

privately held company engaged in pharmaceutical discovery and development, focusing exclusively on ion channels as drug targets.

"Icn Pharmaceutical Inc.,"

Company Dedicated To Research And Innovation In Healthcare. Icn Pharmaceuticals Is Committed To Developing, Producing And Distributing The Highest-Quality Products For The Patients, Consumers And Healthcare

"Idec Pharmaceuticals"

focused on establishing and maintaining a leadership position in cell culture techniques for antibody manufacturing. Cell culture provides a method for manufacturing clinical and commercial grade protein products by reproducible techniques at various scales, up to many kilograms of antibody.

"Idun Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

creates innovative human therapeutics with a primary focus on controlling apoptosis, or programmed cell death. The Company believes that control of the cell death process will have utility in treating cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, ischemic disorders, and cardiovascular disease.


International Medication Systems, Limited, has continuously expanded the types of delivery systems and increased the variety of medications and dosages in its product line. On August 19, 1998, Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a California based international pharmaceutical company acquired IMS. In the past three years Amphastar has experienced tremendous growth in research and development.

"Incara Pharmaceuticals Corporation"

The Company Currently Has Programs In Three Areas: Liver Progenitor Cell Therapy, Catalytic Antioxidant Drug Discovery And Development, And Treatment Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

"Inkine Pharmaceutical Company, Inc."

publicly-traded biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease.


Headquartered in Yorba Linda, California, Inovision is committed to developing innovative and visionary solutions for its medical imaging customers.

"Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Pharmaceutical company develop therapeutics for respiratory diseases including cystic fibrosis.

"International Specialty Products"

Produces More Than 325 Specialty Derivative Chemicals Having A Broad Range Of Applications In Pharmaceuticals, Hair And Skin Care, Plastics, Agricultural, Coatingsand Adhesivesmarkets.Isp Is Aleadingmanufacturerofhighquality Pharmaceutical Excipients

"Interneuron Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Development And Commercialization Of Products Primarily For Neurological And Behavioural Diseases.Products: Pagoclone, Trospium, Ceraxon, Pro 2000 Etc

"IntraBiotics Pharmaceuticals"

biopharmaceutical company developing antibacterial and antifungal products for the treatment and prevention of serious infectious diseases.

"Ion Labs Inc."

Custom Manufacturers Of Quality Vitamins, Supplements, Otcs & Pharmaceuticals.Custom Formulation Of Tablets, Gelatin Capsules And Powder Blends. We Use Only The Highest Quality Ingredients And Packaging Components.

"Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc"

Exploiting Its Expertise In Rna To Discover And Develop Novel Human Therapeutic Drugs

"Ivax Corporation"

IVAX Corporation, headquartered in Miami, Florida, is a holding company with subsidiaries engaged in the research, development, manufacture, and marketing of branded and generic pharmaceuticals in the U.S. and international markets.

"Ivc Industries, Inc."

Vitamins, Herbals, Nutritional Supplements, And Over-The-Counter Pharmaceutical Drug Products Available Through Drug Stores, Supermarkets, And Mass Merchandising Chains, As Well As Health Food Stores, Independent Drug Stores.

"Janssen Pharmaceutica, Inc.,"

Meet Customer Needs For High-Quality, Cost-Effective Health Care By Developing, Producing And Marketing Differentiated Pharmaceutical Products And Services That Improve Health Outcomes

"Johnson & Johnson"

Johnson & Johnson, with approximately 98,500 employees, is the world's most comprehensive and broadly-based manufacturer of health care products, as well as a provider of related services, for the consumer, pharmaceutical and professional markets.

"Jones Medical Industries"

manufacturer/marketer of critical care hospital pharmaceutical, chronic disease prescrition drugs and nutritional products.

"Kinetek Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of therapeutic programs, all of which address large commercial markets with an unmet medical need, including cancer, inflammation and metabolic diseases, such as diabetes.

"King Pharmaceuticals"

Manufacturing, Marketing And Selling Branded And Generic Prescription Pharmaceutical Products.Offers Altace[Ramipril] Capsules Etc..

"Knoll Pharmaceutical Company."

FDA-approved oral prescription medication that is used for the medical management of obesity, including weight loss and the maintenance of weight loss. MERIDIA can only be prescribed by a licensed medical practictioner.

"Kv Pharmaceutical Co."

Is The Only Specialty Pharmaceutical Company That Competes In The Branded, Generic, And Value-Added Raw Materials Markets. Internally We Apply Our Drug Delivery Technologies To Our Three Wholly Owned Subsidiaries.

"Kv Pharmaceutical Company"

the only specialty pharmaceutical company that competes in the branded, generic, and value-added raw materials markets. Internally we apply our drug delivery technologies to our three wholly owned subsidiaries.

"La Jolla Pharmaceuticals"

focused on the research and development of highly specific therapeutics for the treatment of certain life-threatening antibody-mediated diseases.

"Lannett Company, Inc"

leader in the manufacture of generic pharmaceuticals as well as being a one-stop, blend to bottle, DEA Class 1-5 approved contract manufacturer.

"Larreacorp, Ltd."

dietary supplement and topical lotions for herpes viral, arthritis/inflammatory, and GI conditions.

"Laxmi M. M. Corp"

pharmaceutical company engaged in providing quality health care products on a global scale; offers as well contract-based research for phamaceutical and chemical products.

"Ligand Pharmaceuticals"

Ligand Pharmaceuticals Is A Biopharmaceutical Company Committed To The Discovery, Development, Marketing And Distribution Of Small Molecule Pharmaceutical Products

"Mallinckrodt Inc."

Mallinckrodt Inc., Based In St. Louis, Missouri, Manufactures And Markets Medical Products. Our Mission Is To Improve Healthcare For Patients Worldwide By Providing Superior Products That Sustain Breathing, Diagnose Disease And Relieve Pain.

"Matrix Pharmaceutical, Inc."

Matrix Pharmaceutical is dedicated to developing products that improve, extend, and save the lives of cancer patients.

"Maxim Pharmaceuticals"

is developing a new generation of advanced drugs and therapies for cancer, infectious diseases, and other unmet medical needs.

"Medarex, Inc."

biopharmaceutical company developing monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics to fight cancer and other life-threatening and debilitating diseases.

"Medirex Inc."

highly innovative firm dedicated to satisfying all of the needs of the blister packaged pharmaceutical markets.

"Merck & Co. Inc."

Merck & Co., Inc., is a global, research driven pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, manufacturers and markets a broad range of human health products.


Manufacturer Of Infection Prevention Products

"Microcide Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Microcide Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Is A Biopharmaceutical Company Founded To Discover, Develop And Commercialize Novel Antibiotics For The Treatment Of Serious Bacterial Infections.

"Middlesex Industries"

Started As A Manufacturer Of Inspection Systems, Today Middlesex Manufactures Factory Logistics Solutions, Including Material Transport, Storage, And Control Systems.


Formulated by leading researchers in the fields of natural medicine and nutrition, Migra-LieveTM is the first comprehensive supplement for the support of cerebrovascular tone. Using a botanical extract and nutritional supplements in the amounts shown beneficial in scientific studies, Migra-LieveTM provides the healthcare professional with a valuable tool for patients seeking a dietary supplement to help support normal cerebrovascular tone

"Mikart, Inc"

Mikart Offers A Broad Range Of Manufacturing Capabilities All Housed In Our Modern Facilities. We Can Produce A Wide Variety Of Both Solid And Liquid Oral Dosage Forms To Meet Your Needs.

"Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

dynamic business strategies. Unparalleled science. United to build the biopharmaceutical company of the future.

"Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Is A Leading Biopharmaceutical Company, Focused On The Discovery And Development Of Small Molecule, Biotherapeutic (Antibodies And Proteins) And Predictive Medicine Products.

"Mission Pharmacal"

Provides Citracal, Calcium Supplements For Osteoporosis Prevention And Urocit-K For Kidney Stone Prevention And Kidney Stone Disease. Also Menopause Relief, Impotence Cures, And Erectile Dysfunction.

"Monarch'S Pharmaceuticals"

Monarch Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of King Pharmaceuticals, Inc.. King Pharmaceuticals manufactures, markets, sells and distributes branded and generic prescription pharmaceutical products from its corporate headquarters, also located in Bristol.

"Mova Laboratories, Inc"

Has Established Itself As An Innovative Company That Markets And Develops Pharmaceuticals Primarily For People Over Age 50 - From Active Seniors To Those With Special Needs.

"Mtc Industries, Inc."

Manufacturer And Distributer Of Botanical Extract Nutraceuticals And Pharmaceuticals. Products: Nutraceutical Products, Vitamin Products, Amino Acid Products, Food Additive Products, Mineral Products Etc.,

"Muro Pharmaceutical, Inc."

Muro Pharmaceutical, Inc., An Asta Medica Company, Is To Build A Major Prescription Medical Company Through The Research, Development, And Marketing Of Novel Products And Compounds Particularly In The Areas Of Respiratory Medicine, Allergy, Fertility

"Murty Pharmaceuticals, Inc"

Murty Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MPI), is located in an industrial zone in Lexington, Kentucky with a goal of pharmaceutical development, technology integration and providing contract services to US pharmaceutical industry, and government agencies. The facility is registered with the US/Food and Drug Administration and firm is committed to maintaining compliance with all applicable regulations.

"Mylan Labarotaries Inc."

laboratories and its subsidiaries are engaged in the development, licensing, manufacturing and marketing of generic and proprietary finished pharmaceutical and wound care products.

"Mylan Laboratories"

Develops, licenses, manufactures, and markets pharmaceutical and wound-care products.

"Mylan Pharmaceuticals"

the generic division of Mylan Laboratories Inc., offers 118 prescription products consisting of tablets, capsules, liquids and transdermal patches, covering 35 therapeutic categories. The Company's products are sold to pharmaceutical wholesalers, distributors and drug store chains by eight regional sales representatives.

"Napro Biotherapeutics,Inc."

Natural Product Pharmaceutical Company, Focusing On The Development, Manufacture And Commercialization Of Paclitaxel, A Naturally-Occuring Anti-Cancer Agent Found In Certain Species Of Yew Trees.

"Neoparin, Inc"

Neoparin Offers An Extensive Line Of High Quality Products Derived From Heparin And Other Glycosaminoglycans

"NeoTherapeutics, Inc."

is a development-stage biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and advancement of novel therapeutic agents intended to treat neurological and psychiatric diseases and conditions.

"Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation"

manufacturers of fine respiratory therapy solutions since 1937. In our Orlando, FL facility we produce Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Solution, 0.083%, Racepinephrine Inhalation Solution USP, 2.25%, and Sodium Chloride Inhalation Solution USP, 0.9%.

"Neurobiological Technologies, Inc."

Offers Equipment For The Pharmaceutical Industry And Will Purchase And Sell Second-Hand Machinery

"New Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

emphasizes structure oriented drug development, albumin structure-based bioengineering and pharmacokinetics, and microgravity applications in protein crystal growth.

"Next Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Next Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Is The Leading Natural Products Research, Development, Growing And Extraction Company In America

"Nnodum Corporation"

Triple Action Formula For Arthritis, Bursitis, Rheumatism, Muscle Aches And Pain, Diabetic Neuropathy, Sprains And Strains.

"Nola Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Nola Pharmaceuticals provides a wide variety of all-natural skin care products that soothe, condition, and heal skin irritations such as diaper rash, sores, brushburns, dermatitis, and other skin problems.

"Nova Pharmaceutical"

Manufactures diet supplements for use as weight management aids. Includes a product list, testimonials, and clinical study information.

"Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation"

Us Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation Extensive Line Of Innovative Products Complete Prescribing Information.

"Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation"

one of the world's foremost leaders in pharmaceuticals.

"Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

broad range of transdermal and transmucosal drug delivery systems for central nervous system, cardiovascular, pain management and hormone replacement.

"Nps Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

This site contains information on NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and its subsidiary, NPS Allelix Corp., a company engaged in the discovery and development of novel, small molecule drugs that address a variety of important diseases

"Nutritional Science Corp."

vitamins, minerals, herbs, and alternative health care formulas.

"Oculex Pharmaceuticals, Inc"

Global Biopharmaceutical Company That Is Dedicated To Developing New Technology Pharmaceuticals For Treatment And Prevention Of Major Eye Diseases

"Odyssey Health Products"

herbal and sports supplements.

"OmniScience Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

is an emerging leader in small molecule drug discovery from natural products.

"Ortho-Mcneil Pharmaceutical."

Independent Organizations Specializing In Selected Fields:Angina ,Vaginal Therapeutics ,Menopausal Therapy Infectious Diseases - Respiratory Infections Etc.

"Osi Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Pharmaceutical Research and Development Organization (PRDO) that utilizes a high tech, comprehensive drug discovery and development capability to rapidly and cost effectively discover and develop novel, small molecule drug candidates for commercialization by major pharmaceutical companies.

"Otis Clapp & Son, Inc."

Otis Clapp and Buffington have become the country's largest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals for industry. Today, they offer a full product line designed especially for the workplace.

"Par Pharamaceuticals, Inc."

subsidiary of Pharmaceutical Resources, Inc., is a manufacturer and distributor of a broad line of generic drugs.

"Pdk Labs Inc"

Offering Distributors Of A Broad Range Of Non-Prescription Pharmaceuticals And Alertness Aids, Pdk Labs Offers A Mix Of Over 250 Products.

"Perrigo Company"

The leading manufacturer of store brand items in categories such as over the counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals, personal care and nutritional products.

"Pfizer Inc."

Pfizer Inc is a research-based, global pharmaceutical company.

"Pharma Chemie"

pharmaceutical development and manufacturing firm focusing on animal nutritionals, human nutritionals, and flavor bases.

"Pharmaceutical Formulations, Inc."

manufacturer and distributor of private labe OTC Pharmaceuticals.l

"Pharmacia Corporation"

Is One Of The Worlds Fastest-Growing Pharmaceutical Companies, With A Strong Portfolio Of Products, A Robust Pipeline Of New Drugs In Development And An Annual R&D Investment Of More Than $2 Billion

"Pharmacia Inc."

Pharmacia Corporation is one of the world's fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies, with a strong portfolio of products, a robust pipeline of new drugs in development and an annual R&D investment of more than $2 billion.

"Pharmacyclics, Inc."

pharmaceutical company developing drugs to improve upon current therapeutic approaches to the treatment of cancer, atherosclerosis and retinal disease.

"Pharmaprint Inc"

Developer And Manufacturer Of Patented Pharmaceuticals Derived From Herbal Products.Company Has Refocused Research And Development Resources On Its Pharmaceutical Opportunities.

"PharmX, Inc."

pharmaceutical company located in Portland, Maine that develops and manufactures human and animal pharmaceutical products using alternative drug delivery technology.

"Pherin Pharmaceuticals"

focused on the discovery and development of vomeropherins, a new family of pharmaceutical compounds for the treatment of central nervous system disorders.

"Phillips Nutritionals"

offers a catalog of herbs, natural multi-vitamins, nutritional supplements as well as anti-aging and menopause treatments.

"Phytera, Inc."

international biotechnology company that applies the genetic and chemical diversity of natural species to the discovery of new pharmaceutical, agricultural and other products.


Poietics Supplies Research Labs In The Pharmaceutical And Biotechnology Industries With A Reliable, High Quality Source Of Normal Bone Marrow

"Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc"

Is A Biopharmaceutical Company That Develops And Commercializes Innovative Treatments For Cancer And Viral Diseases.

"Progressive Research Labs, Inc."

provides health supplements for diabetics, hypoglycemics, and people suffering from depression or visual degeneration.

"Purdue Biopharma L.P"

is a research oriented pharmaceutical company which seeks to provide a benefit to patients by providing new and improved treatments for diseases and their symptoms.

"Purdue Pharma L. P."

Purdue Pharma L. P. is a research oriented pharmaceutical company which seeks to provide a benefit to patients by providing new and improved treatments for diseases and their symptoms.

"Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

integrated specialty pharmaceutical company whose focus is to serve the emerging needs of the hospital environment.

"R&D Laboratories, Inc."

develops and markets nutritionals and pharmaceuticals for patients with kidney disease. We specialize in vitamins, iron, calcium, and essential amino acids for the renal patient.

"Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals, Inc"

Is A Biotechnology Company Whose Mission Is To Commercialize The Nobel Prize-Winning Discovery Of Ribozymes For Use As Human Therapeutics. Rpi Is Working On Innovative Ways To Use Its Ribozyme Technology To Help The Human Body Manage Specific Disease

"Richmond Pharmaceutical Labs, Inc."

Novofemtm Disposable Douche Is An Easy To Use Refresher For Female Hygiene. Novofems Buffered Solution Promotes The Growth Of Good Natural Bacteria (Lactobacilli) Found In The Vaginas Of Healthy Females.Novofem Iseasyto Use,Sanitary And Disposable.

"Roxro Pharma"

Is An Early-Stage Pharmaceutical Company Dedicated To Identifying, Licensing, And Developing Small-Molecule Compounds In The Pain Management Area That Have Significant Sales Potential

"Salix Pharmaceuticals Ltd."

Balsalazide Is A Pro-Drug Used In The Treatment Of Mild To Moderate Ulcerative Colitis. The Product Is Licensed From Biorex Laboratories.Salix Conducted Several Clinical Studies For The Product, And It Has Been Approved By The U. S. Food And Drug Administration With The Trade Name Colazalª.

"Schein Pharmaceutical, Inc."

a wholly owned subsidiary of Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., manufacture branded and generic products.

"Schering-Plough Corporation."

Schering-Plough is a worldwide pharmaceutical company committed to discovering, developing and marketing new therapies and treatment programs that can improve people's health and save lives.

"Schwarz Pharma Inc."

North American affiliate of Schwarz Pharma AG, is an innovative pharmaceutical company uniquely positioned for these challenging times in the pharmaceutical industry.


offers a protein supplement to accelerate healing of numerous health conditions.

"Serono USA"

Serono, Inc., located in Norwell, Massachusetts, is the US affiliate of Serono, S.A., a fully integrated global biotechnology company that specializes in the development and marketing of innovative therapeutics.

"Shire Pharmaceuticals Group Plc"

Shire Is An International Specialty Pharmaceutical Company With A Strategic Focus On Four Therapeutic Areas: Central Nervous System Disorders, Metabolic Diseases, Oncology And Gastroenterology. Products: Adderall, Agrylin, Dextrostat, Etc

"Sidmak Laboratories, Inc."

Manufacturer, distributor of generic drugs and medicines.

"Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Developing And Providing Drugs For Small Numbers Of Patients Whose Pharmaceutical Needs Might Otherwise Be Overlooked

"Signal Pharmaceuticals"

integrated drug discovery company focused on identifying new classes of small molecule drugs that selectively regulate disease-associated genes. Signal is building a substantial pipeline of drug candidates through a corporate strategy.

"Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

member of the Solvay group of companies, is continuously searching for the next treatment advance.

"Solvay S.A."

International Group Of Companies Engaged In The Research, Development, Production, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals

"Somerset Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Is A Proprietary Production And Development Pharmaceutical Company Located In Tampa, Florida


a synergistic blend of 62 natural and organically grown ingredients.

"Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc."

Takeda is focused on 6 disease areas: diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, central nervous system disorders, bone and joint diseases, allergic diseases and infectious diseases.

"Tap Pharmaceutical Products"

Tap Pharmaceutical Products Offers A Variety Of Services And Products To Health Care Organizations, Physicians, Pharmacists And Patients

"Taro Parmaceutical Industries, Ltd."

Multi-National, Science-Based Pharmaceutical Company Dedicated To Meeting The Needs Of Its Customers Through The Discovery, Development, Manufacturing And Marketing Of The Highest Quality Healthcare Products.

"Taro Pharmaceuticals U.S.A. Inc."

Taro Is A Multi-National, Science-Based Pharmaceutical Company Dedicated To Meeting The Needs Of Its Customers Through The Discovery, Development, Manufacturing And Marketing Of The Highest Quality Healthcare Products.

"Telluride Pharmaceutical Corporation"

Major Innovator In The Development Of Ethnobiologic, Natural Source Materials For The Treatment Of Aids, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cancer, Alzheimers Disease, And Infertility Problems.

"Teva Pharmaceuticals Usa"

At TEVA Pharmaceuticals USA, our business is to develop, manufacture, and market generic pharmaceuticals.

"Texas Biotechnology Corporation"

a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of drugs for the treatment of a variety of conditions and serious diseases, including thrombosis, pulmonary hypertension, chronic heart failure, systemic hypertension, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

"The Liposome Company, Inc"

leading biotechnology company dedicated to the development and commercialization of proprietary lipid- and liposome-based pharmaceuticals.

"The Sts Companies"

provide laboratory testing (biocompatibility, toxicology, microbiology and analytical chemistry), contract sterilization (ethylene oxide and steam), assembly and packaging services to medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers. We also develop, manufacture and sell nanoparticle preparations of pharmaceutical and organic compounds and biocompatible lubricious, antithrombogenic, antibiotic, antimicrobial and ultrasound echogenic coatings for medical devices.

"Traco Labs Inc."

Manufacturer Of Natural Food Ingredients - Bulk Oils, Powders, Softgels, Capsules, And Tablets. Arthred Hydrolyzed Collagen , Cholestatin Phytosterol Concentrate , Sernol Phosphatidylserine , Saw Palmetto, Traconol Etc

"Transkaryotic Therapies, Inc."

Tkt Is A Biopharmaceutical Company Dedicated To Providing Patients With Innovative Therapies Originating From Three Product Development Platforms

"Transtech Pharma"

drug discovery company, is rapidly developing and applying proprietary Translational TechnologyTM tools as its platform technology to yield clinical drug candidates in a time- and cost-effective manner.

"Triangle Pharmaceuticals, Inc"

pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing effective solutions for serious viral disease, with a particular focus on therapies for the human immunodeficiency virus.


Manufacturer Of Vitamins, Minerals, Sports Nutrition Products, Special Formulas And Amino Acids. Brands Include: Natures Herbs And Alvita Herbal Teas.

"U.S. Bioscience, Inc."

MedImmune, Inc. is a fully integrated biotechnology company focused on developing and marketing products that address medical needs in areas such as infectious disease, immune regulation and cancer.

"Unigene Laboratories, Inc."

Is A Biopharmaceutical Company Engaged In The Research, Production And Delivery Of Valuable Therapeutic Peptide Hormones.

"Unimed Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

wholly owned, independently operated subsidiary of Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc., focuses on drugs with multiple indications in the therapeutic areas of cardiology, men's health, HIV and other infectious diseases.

"United-Guardian, Inc"

diversified company that conducts research, product development, manufacturing, and marketing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetic ingredients, health care products, medical devices, and proprietary industrial products.

"Upper-Smith Laboratories, Inc."

Manufacturing products such as dietary supplements, dermatology products, cosmetic lotions, etc.


Upsher-Smith, a leader in branded generics, is dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of pharmacists, physicians, patients and healthcare organizations.

"URL and Mutual Pharmaceutical Company"

United Research Laboratories and Mutual Pharmaceutical Company have been a leading national supplier of generic pharmaceuticals for over 50 years. We have evolved from selling injectables pharmacy to pharmacy, to manufacturing and distributing one of the most extensive product lines in the generic industry.

"Vertex Pharmaceuticals"

Search by keyword or topic to examine the research conducted by this company developing treatments for cancer, AIDS, and other illnesses.

"Vetter Pharma-Fertigung"

An Independent Contract Manufacturer Of Sterile Liquids And Small-Volume Parenteral Drugs And A World Leader In Precision Pre-Filled Syringe Filling.

"Vindas Chemical Industries"

Create the range of finest, consistent, high quality formulations in the pharmaceuticals industry.

"Vion Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Biopharmaceutical Company Engaging In The Discovery, Development, And Marketing Of Antivirul And Therapeutic Products For Cancer Treatment

"ViroPharma Incorporated"

committed to the commercialization, development and discovery of antiviral pharmaceuticals. The Company focuses on drug development and discovery activities for viral diseases including viral respiratory infection, hepatitis C and RSV diseases.

"Vision Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

developers of viva-drops, The Dry Eyes Solution, and anti-oxidant skin treatment.

"Warner Chilcott, Plc"

Developer &Marketer Of Prescription Pharmaceutical Products ,Primarly Focussed On Womens Health Therapeutic Categories.

"Watson Laboratories, Inc"

subsidiary of Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is an industry leader in researching, developing and manufacturing innovative, controlled-release drug-delivery products, systems and technologies.

"Watson Pharmaceuticals"

Watson Pharmaceuticals develops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive array of branded and off-patent pharmaceutical products.

"We Pharmaceutical Inc."

WE Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was established to create a niche company that specializes in medication and devices for the treathment of respiratory diseases.


Whitehall-Robins Healthcare is a leader in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of a broad range of consumer health care products.

"Zenith Goldline Pharmaceuticals Inc"

Develops, Manufactures, Markets, And Distributes Off-Patent Prescription And Otc Products

"Zila, Inc."

is a progressive corporation, bringing needed pharmaceutical, biomedical, dental and nutritional products to professionals and consumers worldwide.

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