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"Advanced Veterinary Applications"
A humane care and use laboratory and companion animal medicine business specializing in applications and procedures that facilitate humane care of animals in all veterinary professions

"Aino Co., Ltd."

veterinary used drug and agriculture used bio-pesticides developing and manufacturing company in China.

"Alembic Chemical Works Co. Ltd."

Is An Iso 9002 Company, Is In The Business Of Human Healthcare, Animal Healthcare, Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemicals,We Providing Tablets And Drugs.

"Alpharma Inc."

Alpharma Inc. is a growing specialty pharmaceutical company with global leadership positions in products for humans and animals. Uniquely positioned to expand internationally, Alpharma is presently active in more than 60 countries.

"American Medical Industries"

Offers Veterinary Products And Health Care Products.Etc

"American Veterinary Supply Corp."

Veterniary Products:Monoject 6cc Syringes Luer Slip Or Luer Lock, 50/Bx $6.50,Reglan Injection 5mg/Ml, 30ml $5.95, Benadryl Injection 50mg/Ml , 10ml$9.95,Etc

"Amerilab Technologies"

specializing in the contract manufacture of effervescent products, developes also products In The Following Catagories: Analgesics, Cough, Cold, Sinus And Combinations Thereof, Vitamins And Mineral Combinations, Extract And Growth Hormones, As Well As Products For Veterinary, Agricultural And Cosmetic Industries.

"Amvet Scientific Products"

Manufacturer And Distributor Of Veterinary Health Care Supplies Like Renakare Tablets,Powder And Gel.Indicated For Use As A Supplement In Potassium Deficient States In Cats And Dogs. Renakare Is Packaged In Convenient To Use Tablets And Powder .

"Animal Livestock Supply Inc"

Vaccine Products:Animal Health Supplies Equimectrin, Strongid Paste, Anthelcide, Zimecterin, Quest, Corta-Flx, Cortaflx, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Biotin, Thrush, Showsheen, Hoof Polish, Grooma, Clippers, Needle, Syringe, Easy Wormer, Vetrap, Sweat, Saddle, & Halter.

"Animax Ltd"

Copinox Rod-Form Copper:A Unique Patented, Bolus Formulation Of This Product Has Also Been Developed.An Oral Copper Source For Ruminants, In Capsule Form. Each Capsule Contains Hundreds Of Oxidised Copper Rods Which Lodge In The Reticulo-Rumen And Provide Copper For A Complete Grazing Season.

"Aquarium Pharmaceutical Products"

We have firmly established our leading position as the manufacturer and marketeer in this field. \nAll our products are scientifically tested in our laboratory before releasing to selected fish farms for final evaluation.

"Arab Veterinary Industrial"

Antibiotics & Chemtherapeutics:Ampicillin 20% (Avico) Ampicilline Trihydrate,Ampicillin Plus Ampicillin, Colistin Sulphate,Avicolimox Moxycillin 20%+ Colistin Sulphate,Aviquil Plus Flumequine, Colistin Sulphate,Aviquil-S Forte Flumequine 20%,Etc.


develops, manufactures, and markets vaccines specifically for the pork and cattle industries.

"Betagro Group"

production and distribution of veterinary pharmaceuticals, nutrients, medical supplies and chemicals.

"Biocor Animal Health Inc"

Manufacturing Of Veterinary Vaccines Diagnostics. Biocor Animal Health, Omaha, Ne, Has Been Recently Acquired By The Csl Group, Headquarters In Melbourne, Australia.

"Biogenics Co."

Biogenics is a respected global leader in the supply and service of advanced instruments for the cryobiological specialty sciences and the fields of assisted reproductive technologies.


Research Institute of Biopharmacy and Veterinary Drugs, a.s. produces pharmaceuticals, premixes, and vaccines.


Homeopathic Animal Medicine Prevents Wear Of The Joints Makes Horses More Supple In Their Movements,Improves Synovial Discharge, Blood Circulation,No Stiffness Of The Joints After Heavy Training,Etc.

"Blue Ridge Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

A Subsidiary Of Idexx Laboratories, The Industry Leader In Veterinary Diagnostics And Informatics, Blue Ridge Has Assembled A Select Team Of Veterinarians, Toxicologists, Pharmacologists, Analytical Chemists, Entomologists, Marketers And Sales Managers.

"Bomac Laboratories"

manufacturing and marketing animal remedies for vets, farmers, and pet owners world wide.

"Chemvet Australia"

Australian Veterinary Research And Development Company Focussing On The Formulation And Delivery Systems Of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals .

"Colorado Serum Company"

Suppliers of veterinary biologicals, veterinary instruments, laboratory reagents, serums; a professional biological company.

"Csl Limited"

Csl Limited Develops, Manufactures And Markets Pharmaceutical Products Of Biological Origin, in particular :Life-saving products derived from human plasma, Pharmaceuticals and diagnostics essential to community health, animal health vaccines and diagnostics to protect livestock and companion animals

"Dainippon Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd."

Manufacture And Marketing Of Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Veterinary Products, Feeds And Feed Additives, Food Additives And Chemicals.

"Daone Chemical Co., Ltd."

Manufactures, Markets And Exports Veterinary Medicine For Poultry, Livestocks And Fish, Feed Additives And Pet Shampoo.Products: Amoxicillin, Lysozyme, Ciprofloxacin 100mg, Clindamycin,Tylosin, Oxytetracycline Etc

"David Phillips"

Products:Thyrxª Is 4life`S Proprietary Thymus Complex Which Contains Thymic Factors,Cordyvantª Is A Proprietary Combination Of Glyconutrients (Ip6, Beta Glucans And Aloe Vera) Which Support The Innate Immune System. In Addition, Glyconutrients Activate White Blood Cells To Produce Antibodies Without The Help Of T-Cells.

"Erfar S.A Pharmaceutical Laboratories"

Specializing in the development, manufacture and marketing of a broad range of pharmaceutical products for human and veterinary use.

"Evsco Pharmaceuticals."

Providing Veterinarians With High Quality Health Care Products Which Enhance And Prolong The Lives Of Companion Animals.Product Categories: Dermatological Products, Nutritionals, Diagnostics, Therapeutics And Supplies.

"Fatro S.P.A."

Fatro S.P.A. Is A Veterinary Pharmaceutical Company Offers Veterinary Products For Companion And Farm Animals

"Fuji Chemical Industries,Ltd."

Products Dealing Anti-Hmmp-20, Purified Igg ,Anti-Hcathepsinf, Purified Igg ,Anti-Hcathepsinl2, Purified Igg, Anti-Hcathepsinz, Purified Igg And Anti-Hcathepsink, Purified Igg.

"Genchem Biotechnology Co., Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Feed Additives, Medicated Powders, Supplementary Feed, Tablets, Capsules And Other Pet-Care Products. Pet Care Products: Combatizer, Phoenix, Cestolin Etc..

"Glenwood LLC"

a niche pharmaceutical and Medical device company that manufactures, markets and distributes a diverse range of propriety products for the human and veterinary health care markets.

"Glenwood`S Pharmacetical"

Description Calphosan¨: Solution Is A Specially Formulated Neutral Ph Solution Of 2 Calciums, Calcium Glycerophosphate And Calcium Latate Solution. It Is To Used Intramuscularly Or By Intravenous Or Subcutaneous Injection. The Suspension Settles A Milky, Fluffy Layer Of Sediment In The Bottom Of The Vial. Before It Is Used, It Is Shaken Vigorously.

"Golden Gate Veterinary Pharmacy"

Specializes in veterinary compounding and strives to make the treatment of diseases and disorders in animals easier and more efficient for veterinarians.

"Grand Laboratories, Inc."

manufacturer of animal biologics, including vaccines, bacterins, and antiserum products for the veterinary profession.

"Healthypets, Inc."

Goal Is To Make The Highest Quality Health Products Available To Pet Owners Online.One Of The Important Tablet Offered Here Is Lasix Which Is Used To Treat Heart Problems And Other Conditions In Dogs And Cats.

"Hebei Shenzhou Animal Medicine Co., Ltd."

manufactures a series of zinc bacitracin veterinary drugs and feed additives for \nlivestock and poultry.

"HemoStat Laboratories"

quality animal blood and serum for diagnostic, veterinary and biotechnology applications.

"IGI Vineland Labs"

develops inactivated vaccines, sanitizers, anti-infectives and pharmaceuticals for broiler breeder, commercial egg and broiler industries.

"Immunechem Pharmaceuticals Inc."

Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production Such As Antigen Conjugation, Immunization, Serum Preparation, Igg Fractionation (Ammonia Sulfate) And Elisa Characterization & Antigenic Peptide Mapping

"Izo S.P.A."

Specalised Products In Vaccines For Poultry , Bovine & Swine .

"J.M.Loveridge Plc"

manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of quality pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations, chemicals for medical cosmetic and industrial use and also have facilities available for contract packaging exports and specials.

"Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd."

During The Past Decade, The Company Has Been The World Leader In The Distribution Of Viscoelastic Intra-Joint Injectable Hyaluronic Acid (Ha) In The Orthopedic Market. The Original Product Line Consisted Mainly Of Antibiotics.

"Lambriar Animal Health Care"

Distributor Of Animal Healthcare Products, Vaccines, And Kennel Supplies At Wholesale Pricing For Dogs, Cats, Pets, Horses, And Cattle. Ask For A Free Catalog.

"Landco Products Inc"

Provides Dogs Tablets And Other Fromuals For Tablets.

"Live Virus Poultry Vaccines"

Pacificvet Has A Wide Range Of Live Poultry Vaccines Available Which Have Undergone Strict Quality Control On Every Batch For Efficacy, Safety, And Freedom From Contamination.

"Lloyd, Inc."

manufacturer of Vet-A-Mix and Lloyd Laboratories veterinary pharmaceuticals. Includes oral and topical dosage products and sterile injection solutions.

"Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc"

We Develop And Market Products Designed To Reduce The Pain And Inflammation, And To Halt The Cycle Of Degeneration, Associated With This Crippling Disease.

"Malaysian Vaccines & Pharmaceuticals Sdn. Bhd."

"Presently, Mvp Is Producing Vaccines Mainly For The Poultry And Pig Diseases Such As ; Infectious Bursal Disease Vaccine (Ibd) .Newcastle Disease Vaccine Asplin Etc"

"Manor Veterinary Exports"

Exporter Of Veterinary Instruments, Equipment And Pharmaceuticals To Veterinarians World-Wide. Online Shopping Available


Large Animal Pharmaceuticals:Absorbent,Bismuth Suspention,Bovi-Boost Cattle Appetite Enhancer,Bovilax Bolus,Bovi-Ox,Calf-Boost Bolus - Calf Appetite Enhancer,Calf Energy Formula,C-M-P-K Dextrose Oral Solution,High Stress - Cattle Nutrient Bolus,Convey,Kao-Pectin Lincosol,Neosol,Etc.

"Metabolic Pharmaceuticals"

Developing A New Obesity Drug Based On The Active Fat Metabolising Region Of The Human Growth Hormone.

"Midwest Animal Blood Services, Inc."

a volunteer based animal blood program which supplies blood products for dogs, cats, cows, horses, llamas, sheep, and goats. Also helps in adoption programs for dogs and cats.

"Millpledge Ltd"

Provides Information About Usage Of Tablets And Other Medicines For Animals.


The Fastest Flea Control In A Tube. Period.Flea-Free Pets, Advantage¨ (Imidacloprid) Topical Solution Is North America`S Fastest Flea Control. Period.

"Omaha Vaccine"

Provides Including Over 12,000 Products For Dogs, Cats, Fish Birds And Reptiles. Products Offered Include Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals, Flea And Tick Control, Dental Health, Grooming, Training, Toys And Rawhide Treats.

"Oxis International, Inc."

Develops, Manufactures And Markets Diagnostics Instruments, Fine Chemicals, Bovine Superoxide Dismutase For Human And Veterinary Use And Reagents.

"Pfizer Revolution"

Makers Of Products To Protect Pets From Heartworms, Fleas, And Other Parasites.

"Pharma Chemie"

pharmaceutical development and manufacturing firm focusing on animal nutritionals, human nutritionals, and flavor bases.

"PharmX, Inc."

pharmaceutical company located in Portland, Maine that develops and manufactures human and animal pharmaceutical products using alternative drug delivery technology.

"Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd."

Pharmaceutical Company Providing Solutions To Serious And Life-Altering Gastroenterological Conditions. Products: Balsalazide , Rifaximin , Rifaximin Is A Rifamycin Derivative That Exerts Its Antimicrobial Action By Inhibiting Bacterial Rna Synthesis

"Sanitas Pharmaceuticals Limited"

Sanitas Provides High Quality Generic Drugs, Pharmaceutical Active Substance, Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Dossiers, Drug Technology Transfers Generic Drugs .

"Schering Plough Animal Health"

Schering-Plough Animal Health On-Line. A Leading Manufacturer And Marketer Of Biologicals, Pharmaceuticals And Specialty Products For Animals, Schering-Plough Animal Health Is A Unit Of Schering-Plough Corporation, A Trusted Name In Pharmaceutical And Health Care Products Worldwide.

"Surepharm Services"

The Manufacture And Assembly Of Tablets, Granules And Powders For The Pharmaceutical And Healthcare Industries.

"Thomas Laboratories"

manufactures bird, dog and cat health products.


Offers Pet Supplements, Skin And Coat Care, And Other Pet Health Products Sold. Offers Agility With Glucosamine For Dogs And Cats Which Contains 60 Tasty Chewable Tablets,Contains A Selective Blend Of Herbs That Provide Antioxidants .


Australia`S Primary Avian Health Care Company And By 2000 The Product Range Has Grown To Include Over 100 Products, From Pharmaceuticals To Nutraceuticals, Feeds And Diagnostics.

"Veterinary and Agricultural Products Manufacturing Company"

products include pesticides, fertilizers, \nveterinary antibacterials, and more.

"Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Inc."

Supplies Animal Health Products To Wholesale And Retail Customers Throughout The United States And The World.We Carry A Wide Variety Of Animal Health & Related Products.We Specialize In Large Animal Products.

"Veterinary Service, Inc."

Animal Health Product Distributor Offering A Broad Line Of Pet Products, Veterinary Supplies, And Agricultural Equipment.

"Veterniary Net Purchasing."

Works With Most Major Manufacturers To Insure The Most Competitive Prices, Use Our Volume Purchasing To Leverage Lower Prices For You. Products:Proventil. Albuterol Sul 4mg,Proventil Albuterol Sul Soln 0.5%,Zyloprim Allopurinol 100mg ,Etc.

"Vetoquinol Uk"

Manufacturer And Supplier Of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics And Animal Health Products.


Specialising In The Sourcing, Development And Marketing Of Animal Health Products To Designated Agribusiness Sectors And The Companion Animal Market.


producer & supplier of vetirinary products

"West Coast Pharmaceuticals Works"

Manufacturing pharmaceutical products for Human and Veterinary use.

"Wildlife Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

dedicated to the manufacture, registration and marketing of pharmaceuticals for wildlife, nonfood and non-domestic species.

"Xinchang Pharma"

Product Includes Bulk Active Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Or Ingredients, Finished Formulations, Animal Health Products Or Veterinary, And Intermediate. Ciprofloxacin Hcl, Levofloxacin Lactate, Ofloxacin&Norfloxacin Etc.

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