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"Aaps Pharmsci"
Aaps Pharmsci Is An Electronic-Only Publication Wholly Owned By The American Association Of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

"Acs Publications"

The American Chemical Society's Publication Division provides access to over 26 online editions of ACS journals, LabGuide, Chemcyclopedia, Directory of Graduate research, employment opportunities in chemical fields, advertised products and much more.


a free medical literature service. Select a topic, define your favourite medical journals, and you will receive a weekly AMEDEO E-mail with an overview of new articles published in your personal journal subset

"American Pharmaceutical Review"

American Pharmaceutical Review is the leading quarterly business and technology review for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry throughout North America. With editorial coming directly from the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, American Pharmaceutical Review is well placed to examine in-depth, the complex and sometimes contradictory issues that face this rapidly developing industry.

"Bentham Science Publishers Ltd."

publisher of excellence for all biomedical and pharmaceutical decision makers.


BioBeat Online Magazine - reporting on how Applied Biosystems products and technologies are helping life science researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and private enterprise unravel the mysteries of life, disease, and human identity encoded in our DNA.

"Cancom Communications Llc"

Canon Communications publishes 13 trade magazines covering the medical manufacturing, general design, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries.

"Communications Media for Education, Inc."

leading organization in healthcare publishing and information services, including medical symposium, seminar, conference and congress planning. Our aim is the widest possible dissemination of medical information to physicians and other health professionals, under exclusive sponsorship from the pharmaceutical and medical instrumentation industry throughout the U.S., Canada and worldwide.

"Current Drugs"

Current Drugs publishes high quality reviews, reports and evaluations on investigational drugs in a series of journals and a database tha is updated daily

"Drug & Market Development Publications"

a part of the Informa Group plc, publishes detailed, comprehensive business and technology information for pharmaceutical and biotechnolgoy executives working in R&D, business development and marketing.

"Drug Discovery Today"

is the leading journal in the field of pharmaceutical innovation. Each issue combines news, views and stringently evaluated reviews and analysis from key international experts.

"Harcourt, Inc."

Journal Information:General Information,Idealworld, A Newsletter For Ideal Users ,Recent Journal Issues Posted On Ideal And Their Mail Dates. Etc.

"Informa Global Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare (IGP&H)"

provides essential business intelligence and information for senior management in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and associated businesses on a worldwide basis.

"Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology"

free on-line publication designed to keep you informed and updated on the latest ideas, cutting edge technologies and innovations that are currently impacting on the way drugs are researched, developed and manufactured. You need to get registered to enter the site.

"Medical Economics Company"

For 30 years, Pharmaceutical Representative magazine has led the industry in informing, educating and motivating professional pharmaceutical sales representatives across North America. Pharmaceutical Representative Online continues that tradition, serving more than 55,000 sales reps in the field today.

"Nature science journals"

nature journal of science online, visit us now to find the latest scientific research news and reviews with links to nature genetics, nature reviews and all the nature magazines.

"New Scientist"

Science and technology news, features, and a \ncomprehensive database of science jobs updated weekly.


Feature Article:The New Epidemic Hiv/Hcv Co-Infection, Anemia,Dermatolgy,Diagnostics,Adherence,Drug Interactions,Genetics,Neurology,Oral Health, Wasting Etc.

"Pharmaceutical Processing"

The Monthly Magazine Of New Products, Systems, Equipment And Services For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Professionals.Your Subscription Also Includes The Annual Buying Guide Edition.

"PJB Publications Ltd."

best known for Scrip World Pharmaceutical News, produces a wide range of publications, books and services for the pharmaceutical industry and also animal health, agricultural and brewing industries.

"Priory Lodge Education Ltd."

a network of inter-related biomedical journals.

"The Haworth Press, Inc."

The Haworth Press, founded in 1978, publishes quality publications for professional, academic, and general audiences.

"World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd."

Medical And Life Sciences:Journal Of Musculoskeletal Pharma,Journal Of Biological Systems,Hand Surgery Etc.

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