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"A & K Petro Chem Ind. Ltd"
Offer Over 4000 In-Stock Chemicals For The Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetic, Coatings, And Electronic Process Industries

"A H Marks & Company Limited"

Manufacture Specialised Organic Chemicals For The Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Lithographic Printing Plates, Dyestuffs, Petrochemicals, Polymers, Fragrances And Surfactants Industries.

"Aapin Chemicals"

Offers A Comprehensive Range Of Fine Research Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals And Natural Products For The Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic And Food Industries. Laboratory Quantities For Research And Development And Bulk Process Scale Are Available

"Aide Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Chemicals Plant"

Manufacturing Products Are Pharmaceutical Raw Material And Intermediates.Terazosin Hydrochloride, Clenbuterol Hydrochloride, Etc.,

"Alpharma Fine Chemicals Division."

Manufacture Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Mostly Antibiotics, For Use In Finished Dosage Forms. Product List: Tryothricin,Bacitracin Zinc, Vancomycin Hydrochloride,Bacitracin Zinc Etc.

"Amersham Pharmacia Biotech AB"

leading global provider of biotechnology systems, products and services (instruments, reagents and software) used in gene and protein research, drug discovery and development, and biopharmaceutical manufacture.


manufactures and markets specialty chemical products such as aerosols, liquids, and grease and lubricants.

"Amrutanjan Ltd."

traditional herbal health care products.

"Arandy Laboratories Limited"

Products Are Marketed Within The Country And In Over More Than 50 Countries Abroad.


sampling and distribution of new organic compounds for screening in pharmaceutical and agricultural research.

"Atul Ltd."

manufacturer and exporter of over 500 high quality products including agrochemicals, bulk drugs and bulk drug intermediates

"Bachem Ag."

Manufacturer Of Bulk Peptides And Related Organic Chemicals As Active Ingredients For The Pharmaceutical Industry. Peptide Manufacturing At Bachem Is Divided Into Two Productions Groups: Our R&D Department Which Produces Milligram To Gram Quantities.

"BASF Corporation"

the third largest producer of chemicals and related products in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

"BioFocus Plc"

provides chemistry products and services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, offering a full range of integrated medicinal, combinatorial and computational chemistry support for lead discovery and optimisation.

"Biosynth Usa"

Biosynth Is A Manufacturer Of Organic Fine Chemicals In The Field Of Enzyme Substrates, Indole Derivatives And Specialty Chemicals For Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Diagnostics, Pharmaceutical Industry

"Blackman Uhler Chemical Company."

Toll And Custom Manufacturer Of Organic Chemicals For The Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Petroleum, Photographic, Industrial Coatings, And Fiber Industries.

"Bohuachem Speciality Co., Ltd"

Manufacturer Specializing In Producing Chemicals For Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetic And Other Industries. Product List: Aica Hydrochloride, 3-Nisoldipine, Atenolol Etc.

"C-Tech Corporation"

C-Tech Corporation is the leading manufacturer of chemicals in India for the past eighty years. We specialize in manufacturing the world's most bitter chemical, Denatonium Benzoate. We also manufacture several other chemicals like, pigments (chrome yellows), flame retardants, perfumes for polymers, bitterants, aversives, pharmaceutical intermediates, bird & animal repellants.


Specializes In Manufacture Of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Manufacturers Of Pyrazinamide, Zopiclone And Chemical Intermediates.

"Cater Chemicals Corp"

Ater Chemicals, We Manufacture And Sell Reagents And High Purity Chemicals For The Pharmaceutical Industry, Food And Sanitation Companies.

"Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals Llc."

Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals, L.L.C., focuses on providing active pharmaceutical ingredients and advanced intermediates to diverse pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical companies.

"Cell Marque Corporation"

Manufactures And Distributes Antibodies And Reagents For Cancer Diagnosis Using Immunohistochemistry.


global company that develops, manufactures and supplies specialty chemicals and excipients for the pharmaceutical industry. Core business is the design and technical support of advanced coating systems for pharmaceutical dosage forms. Affiliate companies offer contract services including clinical package, distribution, storage and return drug distribution services; size reduction services; contract analytical service.

"Coral Drugs Pvt. Ltd."

Manufacturers And Exporters Of Bulk Drugs And Intermediates Having Specialisation In Synthesis Of Steriods.

"Cpi Chemicals"

Distributor Of Fine Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials And Food Additives In Central East Europe


provides high quality colorants, biocides, raw materials and additives for architectural and industrial coatings; intermediates and fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, photographic, agricultural and food industries; specialty polymers for adhesives, coatings and engineering thermoplastics. Subsidiary of Degussa-Hls Corp

"Dai-Ichi Karkaria"

Manufactures Speciality Chemicals For Yarn, Pharmaceutical Intermediates And Bulk Actives, Oilfield Surfactants, And More.

"Daiso Co.,Ltd."

Makes A Variety Of Chemical Products Including Sodas, Inorganic/Organic Chemicals, Synthetic Resins, Pharmaceuticals, Chirals, And Hplcs.

"Diagnostic Chemicals Limited"

Dedicated To The Manufacturing Of Medical Diagnostic Products, Specialty Chemicals And Enzymes Used In The Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical, And Life Science Markets.

"Doosan Corporation."

High Purity Lipids For Lipid Researchers And Pharmaceutical, Food, And Cosmetic Industries All Over The World. Doosan Serdary Research Laboratories Is Currently Offering Bulk For Various Products To Serve Bulk Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics.

"Dr. Reddys Laboratories Limited"

Manufacturer Of Pharmaceutical Compounds:Branded And Finished Dosages,Generic Finished Dosages, Bulk Actives, Diagnostics And Biotechnology Products.

"Em Industries, Inc"

Products Comprise Over 20,000 Different Items, Ranging From Pharmaceutical Products, Vitamins, And Biomaterials To Reagents, Laboratory Supplies, Electronic Chemicals, Liquid Crystals, Special Effects Pigments, Cosmetic Additives, And Many More

"Epsilon Pharma Intermediates Ltd."

Manufacturing Products: (2 Methoxy Phenyl) Piperazine Dihydrochloride,Acetyl 4 (4 Hydroxy Phenyl) Piperazine, (4 Hydroxy Phenyl) Piperazine Dihydrochloride, (2 Methoxy Phenyl) Piperazine And Nitro Phthalic Acid Etc..

"Estech Co., Ltd."

Focuses On Developing New Pharmaceuticals And Substitutes For Imported Products.Acamprosate, Aceclofenac, Diclofenac -- Dimethylaminoethanol, Ibuprofen Microencapsulated, Triflusal Etc

"Euro Asia Trans Continental"

dynamic company engaged in international trade of chemicals. The company has focused on products for the Pharmaceutical, Food, Flavours and Cosmetic industry.

"Euroasian Industrial Co."

Manufacturers And Traders Of Chemicals, Bulk Drugs, Dyes And Pharmaceuticals For Veterinary And Healthcare. Products: L-Alamine Usp23/Aji93, Gliclazide Bp93, Amikacin Sulphate Usp23, P-Aminosalicylic Acid Etc..

"Fibrogen, Inc"

Fibrogen Is A Biotechnology Company Developing Novel Anti-Fibrotic Therapeutics And Innovative Recombinant Collagen And Gelatin Biomaterials

"Fine Horse Chemical Ltd."

manufacturer of various types of high quality cast water treatment chemicals and pharmaceutical raw materials.

"Finornic Chemicals (I) Pvt. Ltd."

Manufacturers And Exporters Of Fine Speciality Chemicals, Rubber Chemicals, Pharma Intermediates, And Intermediates For Nylon Tyre Cord

"Flamma Spa"

A Company Specialising In The Manufacture Of Raw Materials For The Pharmaceutical And Nutraceutical Industries, Established In 1950 In Bergamo, North Of Milan

"Formosa Laboratory, Inc."

They specialize in synthesis of bulk pharmaceuticals and its related compounds. Custom synthesis and analysis is welcomed

"Fragchem Corporation."

Worldwide Trader Of Quality Chemical Products And Services, Specializing In Import And Export Of Bulk Specialty Chemicals, Distribution Of Chemically Based Diagnostic Products, And Contract Manufacturing Of Chemicals.

"G.Ampray Pharmaceutical Ltd."

helps to find the right supplier, acts as an agent for its overseas partners, helps manufacture and develop new molecules, ensures quality products, packing and timely delivery.

"Galfarm L.T.D."

Galfarm L.T.D. Was Founded In 1994. We Have Constructed Our Offer To Fill Up Niche In Field Of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials In Poland. Our Target Is To Suply Polish Pharmacists Looking For Highest Quality Raw Materials

"Genzyme Corporation."

Genzyme Pharmaceuticals Has Been One Of The World`S Leading Developers And Manufacturers Of Custom Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.Liestal Include Scale-Up Research, Process Development And Quality Control Laboratories, As Well As Manufacturing Installations. Hastalloy ,Glass-Lined, Dryers Etc

"Genzyme Transgenics Corporation"

A biotechnology company that produces recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies for pharmaceutical use in the milk of transgenic animals.

"GL Synthesis Inc."

a chemistry-based company engaged in laboratory scale organic synthesis, drug and chemical product research, and chemical product sales. Our customers include established pharmaceutical companies, biotech and drug discovery companies, research institutions, and chemical distributors.

"H.C. Starck, Inc."

international producer of tantalum and niobium products for the electronic, semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical and many specialized industries.

"Halocarbon Products Corporation"

Halocarbon Is One Of The Worlds Leading Producers Of Specialty Fluorochemicals. Our Products Include Inert Lubricants, Aliphatic Fluorochemicals For Pharmaceutical And Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing,Inhalationanesthetics Andspecialty Products.

"Hebei Jiheng Group Co."

The Biggest Manufacturer Of Water Treatment Chemicals Pharmaceutical Raw Materials In China. The Sole Producer Of Bambuterol Hydrochloride In China. The Sole Producer Of Sodium Bromite In China. The High Quality Sodium & Potassium Bromate Etc.

"Hebei Jiheng Group Co.,Ltd."

specialized manufacturer and exporter of swimming pool water treatment chemicals, pharmaceutic raw materials and bromate & bromite salt.

"Helm-Japan Ltd."

Our Products:Feed Additives ,Food Additives ,Inorganic Chemicals,Generic Drugs,Organic Chemicals ,Pharmaceutical Raw Materials ,Plastics Etc.

"Hemlin Chemicals Ltd."

has diversified into a wide range of products: pharmaceuticals, intermediates, veterinary products, herbal extracts and more.

"Hindustan Basic Drugs"

Manufacturer And Exporter Of Quality Grade Ferrous Fumarate Bp/Usp/Fcc/Ep And Other Bulk Drugs.Products: Sodium Citrate Ip/Bp, Ferrous Citrate, Ferrous Succinate, Other Citrates And Salts.

"Isoflex Usa"

Been In Business Since 1989 And Are The Premier Distributor Of Russian-Produced Stable Isotopes To The World Market For Use In Science, Medicine And Industry

"J.K. Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd."

Welcome to the world of JK Pharamceuticals, Drugs and Bulk Formulations.

"J.P. Pharma Industry Ltd."

young and innovative company specialising in the production of bulk drugs and intermediates for the pharmaceutical and Paint Industries.

"Jeen International"

Suppliers Of Specialty Chemicals And Serving The Cosmetic, Personal Care, Fragrance And Pharmaceutical Industries.

"Jingma Chemicals Ltd"

Jingma Chemicals Ltd. Is One Of The Fastest Growing Chemical Companies In China. We Manufacture, Import And Export Chemicals To Industries And Agriculture.

"Jo Mar Laboratories"

manufactures and suppliers of amino acids.

"Kairav Chemicals"

Kairav Chemicals - Manufacturer & Exporter Of Pharmaceutical Bulkdrugs, Diclofenacs, Analgesics

"Kamud Drugs Pvt Ltd"

Manufacturer Of Bulk Drugs And Intermediates. Fine Chemicals: 1,1,3 - Trimethoxybutane, 2-Amino 5-Chloro Pyridine, Phenoxy Benzyl Alcohol. Etc.

"Knoll Ag."

Pharmaceutical Substances and Fine Chemicals

"Lansdowne Chemicals Plc"

Manufacturer And Distributor Of Chemicals For A Range Of Customers, Including The Pharmaceutical, Photographic, And Printing Industries.


Exporter of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and veterinary raw material, expecially for Tranexamic acid, bethanechol chloride, antibiotic.

"Linhai Liaoyuan Chemicals Co., Ltd."

Llcc Has Great Ability In Developing New Products. Its Major Products Are Pharmaceutical Intermediates And Raw Medicines.

"Lipo Chemicals Inc."

Lipo Is A Reliable Worldwide Supplier Of Chemical Ingredients To The Personal Care, Food, Industrial And Pharmaceutical Industries. We Are Dedicated To Quality In The Production, Distribution And Technical Support Of The Products We Sell.

"Luquan Xingyu Chemical Factory"

manufactures dyestuffs and pigments including fluorescent grightener, pharmaceutical, monochloracetic acid, color, coating, etc.

"Mays Chemical Company, Inc."

Mays Chemical Is A Fully Integrated Chemical Distributor Offering Chemicals And Other Related Raw Materials, Cleaning And Sanitation Products, Outsourcing Services, Consolidation And Materials Management Programs

"Mehta Pharmaceutical Industries"

the company is involved in the manufacturing & export of pharmaceutical active ingredients & intermediates.

"Merck Eurolab Ltd"

Suppliers And Manufacturers Of Laboratory Apparatus, Chemical Reagents, Speciality Chemicals And Pharmaceuticals.

"Miravant Medical Technologies"

development of pharmaceutical and medical device products for use in photodynamic therapy, a minimally invasive technology that uses photoreactive drugs to treat or diagnose disease.

"Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation"

API Department (API = Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation is responsible for the development and production chemicals used in the pharmaceutical industry "from intermediates to ingredients".

"Mosaic Technologies, Inc."

develops solid phase DNA chemistries for the fields of basic research and molecular diagnostics.

"Nanjing University Pharmaceutical Biochemical Co.,Ltd"

Deals With Researching And Producing Biopharmaceutical Raw Materials, Including Urokinase,Human Menopausal Gonadotropin,Human Chorionic Gonadotropin,Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin Sodium,And Phytoextract Etc.

"National Starch And Chemical Company"

A leading manufacturer of adhesives, specialty synthethic polymers, electronic & engineering materials and specialty food,pharmaceutical starches and industrial starches

"Neoparin, Inc"

Neoparin Offers An Extensive Line Of High Quality Products Derived From Heparin And Other Glycosaminoglycans


Manufactures Chemicals, Intermediates, Pharmaceuticals, Substances, And Finished Forms.

"Omya - Peralta"

Specialises In The Distribution Of Chemicals, Plastics, And Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

"Orchem Industries"

manufacturers and exporters of intermediates for dyestuffs; pigments and pharma industries

"Orex Pharma"

An emerging leader in small molecule drug discovery from natural products, using advanced proprietary molecular biology and biochemical techniques and materials

"Oxis International, Inc."

Develops, Manufactures And Markets Diagnostics Instruments, Fine Chemicals, Bovine Superoxide Dismutase For Human And Veterinary Use And Reagents.

"Parekh Laboratories Ltd"

Specializing In The Manufacture Of Bulk Cephalosporin Antibiotics For The International Market. Products Like Cephalosporins The Life Saving Drugs That We Offer.

"Penford Corporation"

Manufactures Specialty Carbohydrate Chemicals For Papermaking And Specialty Food Ingredients. Pharmaceutical Subsidiary Develops Drug Delivery Technologies And Manufactures Excipients.

"Prasanthi Laboratories Pvt Ltd"

Dealers In Industrial Chemicals, Solvents, And Bulk Drugs. Products:Chloroform, Acetone, Bulk Drugs/Bulk Drug Intermediates, Toluene, Isopropyl Alcohol And Methanol.

"Premium Ingredients, Ltd."

Distributor And Manufacturing Of Ingredients Serving The Food, Flavor And Fragrance, Nutritional And Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industries Throughout The United States And Europe.

"Punjab Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited:"

As An Asian Company, Pcpl Has Emerged As A Healthy Product In Indias Competitive Arena. A Value Driven, Dependable And Reliable

"Ranbaxy Fine Chemicals Ltd."

Manufactures And Markets Laboratory Chemical, Pharmaceutical Intermediates Including Custom Synthesis, Speciality And Process Chemicals. Based On This Further Registration Process Can Be Completed.

"Ranq Pharmaceuticals And Excipients Pvt.Ltd.,"

manufactured from purified grade wood pulp is a binder/filler and flow-aid of choice for pharmaceutical/veternary formulations. Its bulk dried grade also find application in food preparations as filler,bulking,anticaking, texture modification and fat replacer.

"Regis Technologies, Inc"

Served As A Partner In The Development, Scale-Up, And Manufacture Of Complex, Multi-Step Custom Synthetic Products For Clients In The Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, And Biotech Industries.

"Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd."

Samsung Fine Chemicals Is Proud To Overcome Technological Challenge One After Another In Developing High Value-Added, High Function Fine-Chemicals Products Which Were Once Thought To Be Impossible To Produce With A Domestic Technology.

"Savan Group"

Products For Food, Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Use:Ampicillin,Clindamycin,Dexamethasone, Methyl Paraben, Paracetamol, Riboflavine, Thiamine Hcl, Xylocain, Pine Oil And Many More..

"Schweizerhall Pharma"

Schweizerhall Pharma Is A Global Chemical Sourcing, Distribution, Process Development, And Custom Manufacturing Company

"Sego International Inc."

Sego International Is A Chemical Manufacturer, Distributor, Importer, And Manufacturer`S Agent. We Have Been Providing Quality Products To The Food, Personal Care, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, And Nutraceutical Industries Since 1989

"Sinlai Industries Corp."

Sinlai Industries Corp. - Colours (Dye/Pigment), Fine And Specialty Chemicals And Pharmaceuticals Suppliers.

"Sirius Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd."

Product Range Covers Bulk Actives Drugs, Intermediates Finished Dosage Forms, And Herbal Extracts. Primary Products Like N - Methyl Piperazine [Rifampicin], Offers Tablets, Capsules, Ointments, And Syrups.

"Sk Energy And Chemical"

Our Personnel Offer An Unparalleled Level Of Expertise In The Area Of Pharmaceutical Intermediates And Specialty Chemicals.

"Spectrum Laboratory Products, Inc.,"

Spectrum Laboratory Products Is A Customer-Focused Manufacturer And Distributor Of High Quality Chemicals, Safety Products And Lab Equipment For The Laboratory And Manufacturing Facility.

"Springfield Scientific Supplies"

Springfield Scientific Stocks Laboratory Equipment And Supplies. As Well As A Wide Selection Of Chemicals For Research And Industry. We Also Prepare Custom Solutions And Do Custom Packaging.

"Sri Orion Pharmaceuticals & Sutures"

Manufacturers And Exporters Of Absorbable(Chromic & Plain Catgut) And Non-Absorbable Sutures With Atraumatic Needles .

"Star Salt Inc"

Distributor of Purified USP Sodium Chloride, for the medical field, as in the manufacturing of saline solution for intraveneous feeding, kidney dialysis.

"Steve Weiss & Co. Inc."

Steve Weiss & Co., Is A Supplier Of Chemicals And Raw Materials To The Pharmaceutical Industry. Our Main Products Are: Capsaicin,Lactulose Solution And Many Other.

"Sunbiotech, Inc."

We Are In The Business Of Drug Discovery And Drug Delivery.Our Drug Discovery Program Includes A Blood Substitute, A Radiosensitizer For Cancer, A Brain Stroke Treatment, A Radioprotectant, And A Treament For Lupus Nephritis.

"Synthetech, Inc."

Synthetech Is A Supplier Of Peptide Building Blocks (Pbbs) And Specialty Amino Acids To The Pharmaceutical Industry, For Peptide And Peptidomimetic Drugs

"Tci America"

International Distributor And Manufacturer Of Fine Organic Chemicals For Research, Pharmaceutical, And Synthesis Applications

"Techno Group"

engaged in the manufacture of Industrial chemicals. The company has decided to diversify into bulk drug manufacturing activity.

"Technodrugs & Intermediates Pvt. Ltd."

Manufacturers Of Quality Bulk Drugs And Fine Chemicals As Per International Gmp Standards.

"The Dow Chemical Company"

is a global science and technology based company that develops and manufactures a portfolio of chemical, plastic and agricultural products and services for customers in 168 countries around the world. With annual sales of more than $18 billion, Dow conducts its operations through 14 global businesses. The company has 121 manufacturing sites in 32 countries and supplies more than 3,500 products.

"The Shuanglian Group Corporation"

Various Centrifugal Separators, Glass-Lined Equipment, Packing Machinery, Spray Booth, Cyclical Reducers, Injection Plastic Machine And Die Casting Machine, Arts And Craft, Pharmaceutical And Chemical Materials

"Tianjin Pharmaceutical Holdings Group (Tph)"

has more than 400 industrial, commercial, wholesale and retail enterprises under its administration, dealing in bulk chemicals, finished pharmaceuticals, Chinese patent medicines, healthcare products, medical apploances, and pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment and so on.

"TimTec Corporation"

Provides compound libraries for screening, buidling blocks, natural products, targeted libraries, compound acquisition, custom synthesis and chemistry software.

"Tocris Cookson Inc."

chemicals for neurochemistry and pharmacology.

"Tonira Pharma Limited"

Manufacturers And Exporters Of Herbal Medicines, Bulk Drugs, Intermediates And Pharmaceutical Products.

"Trade Work"

one of the leading a Manufacturer and Exporter with various kinds of Kitchenware with Kitchen-Knives and Cookware in Korea. Production covers also chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials.

"Unichem Laboratories Limited"

A Fully Integrated Indian Pharmaceutical Company Which Manufactures Bulk Drugs & Intermediates, Animal Health Care, Human Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Etc .

"Unitex Chemical Corporation"

Offers polymeric and organic intermediates for customers who produce polymers, pharmaceuticals, agricultural and specialty chemicals.

"Vasudha Chemicals Pvt. Ltd."

Manufacturers & Exporter Of Speciality Chemicals And Drugs Intermediates Like Benzhydrol, Meta Phenoxy Benzyl Alcohol And Many More

"Victory Enterprises"

company dedicated to the manufacture and conditioning of pharmaceutical products for human consumption and veterinary drugs.

"Vilco Laboratories"

manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical formulation, herbal medicine, and bulk drugs.

"Welcome to Phares"

Drug delivery Company focusing on the screening and formulation of poorly soluble drugs to maximise delivery and bioavailability.

"Wenzhou Opal Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd."

A Competitive Manufacturer Of Pharmaceutical Intermediates And Other Fine Chemicals

"Wuxi C.S.I. Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd."

A Large Enterprise Producing Antibiotic Synthetic Chemical And Preparation

"Zhejiang Deyer Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd."

A comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise producing chemical materials of drug, drug preparations and traditional Chinese medicines,chemical reagents,food additives, etc.

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