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"Advance Scientific & Chemical, Inc"
Offers Beakers, Glassware, Balances, Hotplates, Stirrers, Microscopes, Ph Meters, Hydrometers, Thermometers, Centrifuges, Bunsen Burners, Refractometers, And More

"Allchem Industries"

importer of chemical raw materials. AllChem has grown to become a market leader in the fields of water treatment, petroleum additives and industrial chemicals. In addition, we have a growing commitment to the feed, pharmaceutical and specialty chemical markets.

"Anglo Pak Pharmaceutical Laboratories."

Our Company Distribution Some Pharma Products Like This:Chest Rubs Inhailants,Antibiotcs/ Anti- Bacterials ,Antacids/ Antiflatulents ,Dermatologicals Etc


Apodan A/S Develops, Produces And Distribute Pharmaceutical Packagings, Pharmaceutical Chemicals And Health Care Products

"Apotheca Marketing Pte Ltd"

trading in pharmaceutical finished products, generic and branded, pharmaceutical raw materials, fine chemicals, and medical equipment.


Chemical Distributor And Producer. Supplies Such Industries As The Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food, Feed, Automotive, Water Treatment, And Detergent

"Arrow Chemicals"

leading importer and distributor of fine chemicals for the Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, and Cosmetic Industries.

"Austin Chemical Company, Inc"

A Sales / Marketing Organization Supplying Excipients, Intermediates, Apis, And Specialty Chemicals To The Pharmaceutical, Nutritional And Agrochemical Industry

"Bansal Trading Company"

Today The Group`S Distribution Activities Encompass Products In Diverse Categories As Raw Material For Various Industries. Whereas Chemical Distribution And Trading Remains The Chief Focus Area.

"Barrington Chemical Corporation"

Barrington Chemical Corporation Is A Distribution Company With A Focus On Service And Satisfaction. Established Over Eight Years Ago, Barrington Has A Base Of Products For The Vitamin/Nutrition, And Pharmaceutical Industries

"CBC (America) Corp."

the largest organization among other overseas ventures owned by CBC Co., Ltd. The Chemical & Pharmaceutical Division specializes in the import and export of chemicals to private and commercial companies in the United States and abroad.

"Dewang Corporation"

Production, Marketing And Distribution Of Assorted Personal Care And Pharmaceutical Products, Chemicals And Industrial Supplies

"Dilipkumar & Co."

One Of The Leading Importers And Suppliers Of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials In India. We Import From Many Countries Like China, Japan, Germany, France, Hongkong, Malaysia Etc.

"Dipchem Industries"

Manufacturers Representatives, Suppliers, And Exporters Of Pharmaceuticals And Chemicals.

"Dolder Ag"

Dolder Pharmaceuticals is a global marketing and distribution organisation for active pharmaceutical ingredients.

"Dr. Behr"

Dr. Winfried Behr - Supplier Of Dietetic And Pharmaceutical Raw Materials.

"EMSCO Scientific"

A supplier of laboratory supplies and equipment. Including chemicals, glassware, plastics, clothing, safety/ productive supplies, instruments, and other laboratory equipment.

"ESEL TechTra Inc."

import-export of raw materials and chemicals, laboratory and scientific equipment.

"George Uhe Company, Inc."

Suppliers Of Raw Material Ingredients To Develop And Manufacture Flavor And Fragrance, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Nutritional, Animal Health, Personal Care, Cosmetic, Dental And Oral Hygiene Products

"Hastand Export Mktg. Pvt. Ltd."

Hastand Was Established In 1982. It Is Engaged In Exports Of A Wide Range Of Chemicals Including Pigments, Dyestuffs And Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

"HiMar Specialty Chemicals Pvt. Ltd."

organization engaged in marketing of pharmaceuticals, formulation, bulk drugs, intermediates, herbiceuticals, herbal extracts, etc.

"Hinry Pharmaceuticals Limited."

major supplier of bulk pharmaceuticals, chemicals and intermediaces.

"Hofman International Inc"

Hofman International Inc. Is A Calgary, Canada Based Wholesaler That Imports Pharmaceutical Intermediates. We Specialize In Sales And Distribution Of Saccharides That Are Produced In Europe And Sold To The North American Markets

"Honeywill & Stein Ltd"

Chemical Distribution And Marketing Company. Serves A Range Of Markets, Including The Pharmaceutical And Food Industries

"Independent Chemical Corporation"

Distributors Of Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Food And Industrial Chemicals. Site Has Product Lists, Company History And Contact Information.

"Interchem Corporation"

They Are Pharmaceutical And Chemical Suppliers. They Supply Fine Chemicals,Antibiotic Bulk Actives,Current Bulk Actives And Products In Development.

"Joungil Corporation"

import, export and agencies of pharmaceuticals (raw materials, finished products, intermediates & etc), chemicals, specialities, dyestuffs and etc as well as representation of korean pharmaceutical manufacturers. Especially, our company is very specialized in the supply of Cephalosporins I.e. Ceftriaxone, Cefotaxime, Ceftazidime, Cefixime, Cefuroxime, Ceftezole, Cefoperazone & etc.

"Kirsch Pharma"

Kirsch Pharma Distributes And Blends Raw Materials For The Pharmaceutical And Food Industries

"Laboratory Accessories Inc."

Glas-Col Laboratory Heating And Mixing Products Are Manufactured In Terre Haute, Indiana, And The Entire Product Line Is Available Through Authorized Laboratory Supply Distributors.

"Lemargo Inc."

Reagents, Pharmaceuticals And Scientific Instruments For Research & Hospitals.

"Lenape Industries Inc"

Distributor Of Chemicals For The Plastics, Paint And Coatings, Graphic Arts, Adhesives, Rubber, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, And Personal Care Industries.

"Manav Drugs"

Dealers In - Bulk Drug, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Ayurvedic.

"Msd Impex Ltd.,"

We Are The Manufacturers Representatives, Importers, Exporters And Indenting Agents. . Our Product Range Includes Bulk Drugs, Bulk Actives, Drugs Intermediates Etc., We Offer A Wide Range Of Products From Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Dry Syrups Etc

"Nagase America Corporation"

through the years Nagase has progressed beyond dyestuffs, and is a leader in the development, production, sale and import and export of dyestuffs, chemicals, plastics, and biochemical products as well as attendant machinery.

"Newcomer Supply"

Offers Easier Application Of The Adhesive For Mesh Grids In Electron Microscopy.Flexible Plastic Grips That Hold Glass Slides With Ease, Slide Drawing Tray

"Parchem Trading Ltd."

supplier of chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials. Product line focused on food, cosmetic, nutrition, resin, vitamin, feed, healthcare & and pharmaceutical industries.

"Prism International Inc."

We are a leading importer/exporter and distributor, of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and industrial raw materials.

"Prix Pharmaceutical Company Ltd."

Pharmaceutical Company Dealing In Imported Human And Veterinary Medicines From Holland, England, And Italy. Sole Distributers Of Farvet Holland, Pantex Holland Human Medicines. We Also Deal In Pharmaceutical Raw Meterial.

"Priya Limited"

Priya Is Agencies And Distribution Of Chemical Specialities, Exports Of Dye Stuff / Bulk Pharmaceuticals And Intermediates, Distribution Of It Products

"R.W. Greeff & Co., L.L.C"

R.W Greeff is a widely respected global importer and distributor of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, industrial, intermediates, nutritional as well as personal care and cosmetic chemicals.

"Richman Chemical, Inc."

through our network of US and international suppliers, we supply custom manufacturing and import-export a large selection of fine chemicals, intermediates and monomers.

"Rohm America Inc."

exclusive U.S. representative for Rhm's EUDRAGIT Pharma Polymers for functional pharmaceutical coatings and EUPERGIT polymer carriers for enzyme immobilization.

"S.A. Chemicals"

dealer in speciality drugs and chemicals, indenting foreign products into India. S. A. Chemicals also provide services and receipes to help use the product they sell in applications.

"Savan Group"

Products For Food, Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Use:Ampicillin,Clindamycin,Dexamethasone, Methyl Paraben, Paracetamol, Riboflavine, Thiamine Hcl, Xylocain, Pine Oil And Many More..

"Sego International Inc."

Sego International Is A Chemical Manufacturer, Distributor, Importer, And Manufacturer`S Agent. We Have Been Providing Quality Products To The Food, Personal Care, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, And Nutraceutical Industries Since 1989

"Seltzer Chemicals, Inc."

International Distributor Of Chemical Products To The Nutritional Supplement, Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, And Animal Nutrition Industries.

"Shanghai Dsl International Trading Co., Ltd."

Suppliers Of Fine Chemicals And Pharmaceuticals Intermediates, Specializing In Aromatic Derivatives.


purchases and supplies compounds to research organizations in pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies.

"Sterling Rasayan Pvt. Ltd."

Intermediates And Additives As Well As Pharmaceutical Formulations, Raw Materials And Bulk Drugs. Our Products:Activated Carbon,Acetone ,Bleaching Powder,Icing Sugar Etc.

"Taba Chemipharm Ltd."

the company represents several international companies and deals with medicines, cosmetics, pharmaceutical supplies and accessories.

"Tan-Hoards Exports"

Exporter of herbs, herbal products, extracts, dry medicinal plants, charcoal, handicrafts, foodstuff, gift items, pappad, pickles, spices, curry powder, masala, instant food items, grocery, veenai (the famous karnatic musical instruments), tanjore paintings, ornamental brass ware, creating cards, momentos and other south Indian things, coir, coir products, coconut shell powder.

"Tiger Chemical Company Ltd."

importer of chemical raw materials.

"Van Waters & Rogers Inc."

Van Waters & Rogers Supplies Everything You Need To Assist In Perfectly Formulating The Highest Quality Pharmaceuticals. Propylene Glycolglycerinesolvents Sorbitol

"Whitaker, Clark & Daniels, Inc."

Whittaker, Clark & Daniels, Inc.: Supplying Specialty Minerals, Colors, Chemicals, Resins, Additives, And Equipment To Industries Nationwide. They Also Supply To Pharmaceutical Indsutry.

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