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"Aapin Chemicals"
Offers A Comprehensive Range Of Fine Research Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals And Natural Products For The Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic And Food Industries. Laboratory Quantities For Research And Development And Bulk Process Scale Are Available

"Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Producers Of Standardized Pharmaceutical Grade Nutritionals Without Extraction.

"Aie Pharmaceuticals, Inc"

integrated nutriceutical company that supplies quality botanical ingredients that include herbs & other natural raw materials to the herbal, nutritional, food and pharmaceutical industries nationwide as well as worldwide.

"Ampac Usa Inc."

Products are formulated with stable and effective Vitamin C ingredients that are combined with other high performance ingredients and formulated with cutting-edge delivery systems to produce a quality product for the mass-market consumer.

"Amsar Pvt. Ltd."

Manufacturers Herbal Concentrates And Natural Plant Products.Skin Care Ranges:Almondel (Moisturiser), Radianz (Skin Toner) , Acne-X (Anti Pimple Cream) , No Lines (Anti Wrinkle Cream) ,Body Massage Oil , Body And Foot

"Anti-Aging Center"

Can supply bulk or personal-use quantities of Rhodiola rosea, leuzea carthamoides, and certain other herbs. \nBulk and personal-use Rhodiola rosea tablets also available.

"Arjuna Natural Extracts Limited"

Manufacturer Of Herbal Extracts Including Garcinia Cambogia, Mustard Oil, Hca, Turmeric, Curcumin, And Tribulus Terrestris.Products: Amla Extract, Horse Radish Oil, Bitter Gourd Extract, Ginger Dry Extract Etc..

"Biodroga Inc."

Manufacturers Of Gelatin Capsules, Evening Primrose Oil, Milk Thistle For Todays Manufacturing Requirements.

"Carrington Laboratories"

formulates the aloe raw materials into a variety of FDA or USDA regulated devices, biologics, drugs in development, adjuvants, and various cosmetic and food grade products; offers an extensive range of products in its portfolio, including radiation care, diabetic care, wound care, and dietary supplements.

"Daiso Co.,Ltd."

Makes A Variety Of Chemical Products Including Sodas, Inorganic/Organic Chemicals, Synthetic Resins, Pharmaceuticals, Chirals, And Hplcs.

"Dalian Biochemical Co., Ltd."

Producer of egg- derivate; used as calcium intensifying agent for bread (0.25%), sweet food, noodle, dairy products, common salt fish, cake, sausage, spicery etc. It can also be used as hardener for water, de-acidifying agent for drink, neutralizing agent for cereal, dextrose for ice cream and acid process. In addition, mixed with salt it can be used to pickle vegetable. When using phosphorus salt as modifying agent for meat-gruel products.

"Dextra Laboratories"

Manufacture And Supply A Wide Range Of Biomedical Carbohydrates To Pharmaceutical And Biotechnology Companies, Universities And Research Institutes.

"Em Industries, Inc"

Products Comprise Over 20,000 Different Items, Ranging From Pharmaceutical Products, Vitamins, And Biomaterials To Reagents, Laboratory Supplies, Electronic Chemicals, Liquid Crystals, Special Effects Pigments, Cosmetic Additives, And Many More

"Geo. Phaus Sons Company, Inc."

Manufacturing Animal Oils And Fats For Pharmaceuticals, Lubrication, Leather, And Metalworking.

"Hauser, Inc."

develops, manufactures, and markets natural products, including bulk ingredients, dietary supplements, and pharmaceuticals.

"Indoworld Trading Corporation"

We Have The Pleasure To Introduce Ourselves As Cultivators, Processors And Exporters Of Following Raw Materials Used In Pharmaceuticals, Health Food And Other Industries: Botanicals, Herbal Extracts And Others.

"Jindal Drugs Limited"

manufacturer and exporter of Natural Flavouring extracts (Mint products) and Synthetic Colouring Matter (Dyes and Dye Intermediates).

"Lampire Biological Laboratory."

Lampire Biological Laboratories, Inc. Is An International Supplier Of Polyclonal Antibody Production Services, Antibodies,Product Development, Veterinary Sciences And Alternative Non-Animal-Based Production Methods For Mammalian Immunoglobulins.

"LSI International"

sources and exports medicinal plants, herbs, and teas to homeopathy manufacturers worldwide.


Mediherb Ia A Innovative Manufacturer Of Quality Herbal Extracts For The Natural Pharmaceutical, Functional Foods And Cosmetic Markets Worldwide. Manufacturer Of Liquid Herbal Extracts, Tablets And Capsules.

"Mehta Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd."

is in the business of processing medicinal herbs for the manufacture of Extracts and Alkaloids.

"Menthol Thai Import Export"

manufacturer and exporter of menthol crystal, peppermint oil, and a wide range of essential oils and aromatic chemicals having market presence worldwide

"Novbeltec S.A."

Producer And Exporter Of Rose Hip And Salmon Oils For The Food, Cosmetic, And Pharmaceutical Industries.

"Ranq Pharmaceuticals And Excipients Pvt.Ltd.,"

manufactured from purified grade wood pulp is a binder/filler and flow-aid of choice for pharmaceutical/veternary formulations. Its bulk dried grade also find application in food preparations as filler,bulking,anticaking, texture modification and fat replacer.

"Sami Spices"

Manufacturers:Sami Spices - Product List: Ginger Oleoresin,Pure Capsaicin Natural 95%, Lemon Grass Oil, Eculyptus Citrodora Oil, Basil Oil , Teermonellia Emblica (Amla) Dry Ext, Mustard Oil, Mint Oil Etc..

"Sanat Products Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Standardized Botanical Extracts, Spirulina, Herbal Extract, Herbal Products, And Ayurvedic Medicine.Products: Boswellia Serrata , Etc.

"Shree Additives (Pharma & Foods) Ltd."

They Supply Food And Pharma Additives Market, We Have Painstakingly Selected Market Leaders In Their Respective Fields To Serve Our Customers..

"Sirius Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd."

Product Range Covers Bulk Actives Drugs, Intermediates Finished Dosage Forms, And Herbal Extracts. Primary Products Like N - Methyl Piperazine [Rifampicin], Offers Tablets, Capsules, Ointments, And Syrups.

"Stallion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd."

Manufacturer And Exporter Of Pharmaceutical Formulations, Allopathic Formulations, Herbal Products, Ayurvedic Products.

"The Malt Company (India) Limited."

Indian Manufacturers And Exporters Of Malt Products For Liquor, Health Food, Confectionery And Pharmaceutical Industry.

"Virginia Dare"

Serving Major Food, Beverage And Pharmaceutical Manufacturers For Over 75 Years. Virginia Dare Is A Leader In The Manufacture Of The Highest Quality Vanilla Products, Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Flavorings And Extracts.

"White Silco Ltd."

The fine grades of Precipitated Silica that they manufacture find diverse applications, such as pharmaceuticals.

"William Ransom & Son Plc"

William Ransom has been developing and manufacturing natural botanical extracts and liquid pharmaceuticals for over 150 years

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